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An Athlete's Favorite Accessory


2010 Olympic Games Logo

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In many sports, both winter and summer, athletes have a uniform, some kind of footwear and an accessory.  In some sports like tennis and basketball, that may be a visor or sweatband.  However, in sports like equestrian, hockey, skiing, and biking, helmets/masks are the accessory of utmost importance.  There in lies the question:  What does one do when his/her main accessory is one that is important and not just for looks?  He/she personalizes it!

2010 Olympics

Similar to United States men's downhill skier, Ted Ligety and his uniform design, in the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, many athletes chose to personalize their helmets as a form of representation, either of themselves or of their country.  Others picked/created designs for luck or somethign that people could remember them by for years to come.

Julia Mancuso

United States women's downhill skier, Julia Mancuso, may be remembered as the other United States skier next to Lindsey Vonn, but she will also be remembered because of her princess crown.  She wore this crown at the medal ceremonies as a hair accessory.  But because of its deep importance she donned it as a design on her helmet during practices and races.  Unfortunately, Mancuso's design of choice was over-analyzed by newscasters, journalists, and commentators just as any celebrity is with his/her clothing choices.  Was Mancuso stuck on herself?  Did she see herself as a princess?  Maybe, she wasnted to be decorated beforehand in case she was unable to earn a medal.  Clearly, most of the accusations made were bogus.

Ryan Miller

United States hockey goalie, Ryan Miller, not only wore numerous protective pads, because his position can be extremely dangerous due to puck shots, but he also appeared different due to his highly creative mask design.  Miller had the idea of a tough-guy Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeves as a representation mix of himself as a hockey player as well as a United States team member.  Miller took his design to Warwick Mask and Equipment, Inc. in Port Huron, Michigan.  There, master creator, Ray Bishop, who works closely with Warwick, had no issue transferring the drawn design to the mask.  The end result?  It received much acclaim from those that had critiqued Mancuso's representation.  It can also be seen everywhere on the web.

Where to Go..

For your next need to be creatively represented in sports, stop by Warwick Mask and Equipment, Inc. in Port Huron for an extremely detailed final piece.

Otherwise, stop by most accessory stores or costume shops when you need fancy jewelry or have the urge to look like a princess.  You'll have personal representation in no time!


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