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An art exhibit at the Minneapolis Airport

Art is displayed throughout the airport
Art is displayed throughout the airport
Jennifer Coffman

If you have a trip planned that takes you to the Minneapolis Airport, there may be a unique opportunity to get some culture on your way out. The airport has an art exhibit that is featuring artwork that is created by the employees. If you make it through security early and have some extra time, check out the various artwork that is displayed throughout.

The artists that are featured range from beginners and amateurs to intermediate and professionals. Some of the art is even created by children. The art itself is diverse. There are sculptures and paintings, photographs and sketches. There are over 210 works of art being displayed by 138 artists.

The art is nicely displayed for travelers to take a look at while waiting to board their flights. It is a great way to spend that extra time taking in some culture. One of the best parts about the exhibit is that it is comprised of art that was created by people from the Minneapolis area. It provides great exposure for our local talent. There is even an opportunity for you to vote on the pieces, though it will be difficult to pick a favorite. There are a lot of really creative works of art, and many beautiful and unique creations.

If you find yourself at the airport, check it out. If you know of someone traveling to here, or through here to another destination, make sure to let him or her know about this event. It is running through the end of April. You can also vote online for your favorite at on the MSP Airport’s facebook page.