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An archer takes it straight to the heart on this New Moon

Archerous heart piercing New Moon.
Archerous heart piercing New Moon.
Aurum Astrology

This new moon that voids for us on December 13, 2012 will give us some time to reflect on our internal quest for truth and faith. The new moon can affects us two days prior to its cycle of completion. This is an appropriate sign for the new moon as we are in the beginning of our holiday season. Too many times we get caught up in the material giving of our gifts; this event forces us to look at the gifts from the inside and go shopping. This new moon also has a focus on intended travel and changes to our professional lives.

What is in the here and now that is honoring our purpose, what is not?

When we are rich in spirit we can enjoy life more fully. Faith restores our ability to believe that we are truly being taken care of by some higher power. This thought beautifies our life as we are less likely to let fear get in the way of making decisions. Sagittarius is the Golden Archer and the ninth sign of the zodiac. The number nine is about completion. This energy of Sagittarius helps us in fearless exploration of self and formulating outer ideals of self to others.

As the month of December descends we get closer to the ending of a year. This brings most of us to reflecting on what we wanted for ourselves and how well we accomplished what we set out to do. We need to take a look at what the motivations were at the beginning of the year and examine where our motivations lie now. We are in a constant state of change: mind, body, spirit; we cannot let ourselves feel guilt or regret for things left undone as nothing is truly complete. When we recognize the impermanence life teaches us, by being detached from outcomes, situations, and people we are able to enjoy the moment the way it was designed. This is where the archer at hand is helping us with targeting our faith to a place that sticks and travels with us where ever we go. We reach into the wide open spaces of our interior and roam freely but stay grounded. Sagittarius is concerned with the balance of material to the spiritual. What a perfect archetypal figure to bring in this holiday season.

To keep in mind, Mercury – the planet of communication – is getting ready to reverse its completed retrograde cycle from its start in November. This begins to reign positive to us on December 14. Still be in caution of driving to and from the stores and our places of celebrations. Mercury likes to mess things up in the travel sense, electrical and technical difficulties happen without warning, and lines of communication verbally and written really need to have careful judgment and scrutiny. This is again, like the time of the new moon, a pause for preparation, realization, and organization of what was and is becoming. Don’t be surprised if we are encountered with relationship drama from the past, too. This is all part of going back and looking at things again so we can finally move forward when the clock strikes midnight to ring in 2013.

Enjoy this new moon by making some quiet time to reflect on our place in the light and our relationship with our Source. Pull back the bow and target the things that really mean something to us and give our heart's wisdom in the process. Lead life courageously and have undeniable faith we are divine as the divine paves our way to our best life. Remember that we set intentions now to manifest by the full moon on December 28, 2012.

Blessings to a wonderful heart expanding holiday season!

Love Courageously!

Love Exposed


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