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An announcement prior to my debate with Ed Buckner

my "evil" twin, Rocky Leonard
my "evil" twin, Rocky Leonard
photo courtesy of Each Voice Publishing

I would like to make this announcement well in advance of my debate next Saturday, February 4th, with Ed Buckner, former president of American Atheists.

For a variety of reasons that I'm about to explain, my last article as Atlanta Creationism Examiner will be written and published on or before February 3rd.

This article serves as my notice.

First and foremost, I started writing for the Examiner after my book Divine Evolution was published by epress-online, a small independent publisher. The company was so small, when two key employees died within a short period of time, it closed permanently. Therefore, I no longer feel obligated to actively promote the book now that the people who so graciously offered to publish it have gone out of business.

It was never my intention to become a professional evangelist or make large profits from writing Divine Evolution. Truly, it was a labor of love that I've been more than willing to give away in the past. My publishers do not share that enthusiasm, by and large.

I need to concentrate on finishing the two novels that are mostly written so that my editors will stop complaining that I don’t meet any deadlines. They don’t realize how much I’m writing, because so much of what I’ve been writing hasn’t been for them.

My passion for creating income is through writing short stories under my name and detective novels using the pseudonym "Rocky" Leonard. That’s the sort of material my current publisher expects me to write.

Even if I did think I could earn enough money evangelizing my Christian beliefs to support my family, or more accurately, evangelizing my personal variation on the Christian religion, it would make me very uncomfortable. It’s not my profession.

True, the Examiner does pay me to write for them – by quick calculation it appears the Examiner paid me a whopping $230 for writing 153 articles…about a buck and a half per article.

Granted, for some of the articles I wrote last year, I was probably overpaid. But it was never about the money, and my voice became diluted by trying to produce such volume.

Think quality, not quantity. I have not written at my blog as often as I should, and too often for the Examiner, I think.

For that meager reward, my articles have been edited and left with links broken. Often commercials were added for products or people I would never endorse in a million years -- like the Obama re-election ad that just showed up in the draft preview. Yet it will look to the world as if I stuck it in there myself.

It’s simply no longer worth it for me to keep writing as Atlanta Creationism Examiner.

However, I am a writer. I will keep writing. Why not consolidate the places where people should look for me online to one? The topics about which I would have written for the Examiner will now appear at

Hopefully, you will continue to follow me there.

On my blog, I’ll continue to write whatever comes to mind exactly as I’ve done for the Examiner, with sports and politics added to the mix with topics on science and religion.

What was once written here will now be published there. However, I will not review my debate against Ed, even there.

It won’t be for me to say who won. How could I be unbiased?

Come see our best efforts for yourself, and you be the judge.


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