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An American Travesty

As a nation we were founded on four basic principals and each one was instrumental in enabling the United States to rise up from humble beginnings to become the super power we were right after World War II. But, sadly over the course of just 50 years the principals of Liberty, Justice, Education, and Morality have steadily been eroding from the consciousness of the American spirit. Never before has a nation fallen so fast from the pinnacle of success and economic dominance. Still, too many of our political leaders and pretty much the main stream media have been in a state of denial about how precariously close the United States is to realizing that we are already what we thought we never become, a third world country.

Now, as the world tumbles it's way toward a conclusion that is so horrific we sit idly by in our compliancy wondering what is wrong with people all over the world. Yet, it is our compliancy that has eroded the spirit of our founding into a doctrine of apathy that is the pervasive attitudes of so many. There is an obelisk in Plymouth, Mass up on a hill overlooking the Mayflower and on each corner on that base are the inscribed words Liberty, Justice, Education, and Morality. These are the core values that made the United States. Sadly though over the course of years from the latter half of the 20th century on these values have withered and died on that vine of lost opportunities. Gone and forgotten are the values, the decorum, and the righteous virtue that existed for over 200 years. A very sad commentary for life in America today.

When we look around the landscape of America today we see and hear of countless atrocities occurring actually every hour of every day. Over the course of one weekend in Chicago there were more violent deaths than there were in that civil war country of Syria, Iraq, and even in Israel. Yet our fast track main stream media as well as most of our political contingency have been more angered by the atrocities in far off places than those horrific senseless murderous assaults right here in the good old USA. More concerned with the influx of young children finding their way across Mexico and literally sneaking their way into the United States. The political infighting over the past six years has left the country more divided. This country hasn't been this splintered since the Civil War. We have to remember "A nation divided can not stand" Abe Lincoln. From that we have to conclude how much longer can the United States stay united? Already there are factions posturing themselves to distance them from a country in which they still reside.

As acute as the problems are in America today there are remedies that can be enacted to ease the strain of budgets from state houses to Washington. There are more remedies that must be implemented to secure the future for generations to come. There are remedies that will solve many of the social ills that have been plaguing every city and town all across the country. There are decisions that have to be made to secure the world from falling into that cataclysm of terror that has only intensified. But, to realize the actual capabilities of this country there not only has to be a uniformed plan of direction that the majority of Americans can rally behind but we must confront the facts about our own society that continues to fuel more violence abroad and right here in this country.

When we talk about this recent influx of immigrant children fleeing their own country over 65% are escaping violence that continues to ravage their homes. They are realizing that a save haven just might be available in America. The biggest problem we have to accept is the fact that the United States still is the worlds largest consumer of illegal drugs. And, until our unsustainable appetite for illicit drugs is reduced the violence will only continue to progress to a point of no return here and abroad. But, like so many other instances the apathetic attitudes and our moral decay over the years have only escalated the growing problem of illegal drug use. We must face this fact and implement programs through education as well a total unified set of progressive steps to rid this nation of a scourge that has festered in our society for far too long.

There are questions that have to be asked and answers have to be forthcoming. The most concerning one is how to unify a most divided country where there are so many splintered ideologies. There again we all have to realize that we are all brothers of man, members of the human race regardless of any other facet of human existence. Sure we are all unique and yet we all pretty much have the same desires, hopes, and dreams. A common denominator that unifies rather than divides. The biggest problem is how to achieve our hopes, and dreams. It is the method of how to achieve the results needed to realize our hopes and dreams that one has that most times prevented the success. Everyone has a different way of achieving the how. A common denominator and plan of direction where the majority of Americans understood the importance and actually did rally behind was when President Kennedy picked up the gauntlet and undertook the challenge of sending a man to the moon and returning him safely back to earth. We succeeded but it took a united effort that made it possible. Can a unified plan succeed today?

The governing climate today is not about compromise but about antagonism. Where there is no compromise there can be no effective governing. That is what we are faced with today. Meanwhile more Americans have become more disenchanted and disengaged in the affairs that do directly and indirectly affect their lives and livelihoods. Today, the United States is faced with unprecedented division within which continues to drive this nation to the brink of disaster. And, until we realize what we are doing to the heritage we owed to our fathers and to the future we owe to our children the country that gave us that great noble experiment of Democracy will crumble from the weight of moral decay.