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An American general murdered and we moralize about Israel

Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, USA
Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, USA
United States Army

Unconditionally, and in the name of my Jewish faith: I pray that the Gaza ceasefire endures because I am deeply uncomfortable and aggrieved with the civilian carnage that has accumulated in the region. The first thing we all need to bring to the table before the children of Abraham find peace is the mutual acknowledgment that every human being—from the innocent Gaza infant to a US General serving in Afghanistan—is God’s child.

Yes, a ceasefire in Gaza but yesterday hardly a ceasing of the fire.

But what of the culture of Islamic radicalism? How do we actually negotiate with this raging clan of murderous and misogynistic hirsute men who teach their kids that to kill a Jew is an act of sainthood? How—and why—do we try and confer even a grisly humanity to a deeply inbred global cell of virulent assassins who engineered 9/11 and turned our world into a security block?

And what moral imperative drives us to stalk critically after a democratic nation (Israel) for defending itself with every bit of might and savvy against a group of cynical warlords who purport to represent Palestinians but cut off their hands?

Palestine, the former British mandate, is a painfully unfinished story for its orphans in Gaza and elsewhere but the narrative has been kidnapped by the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Taliban, and so many similar crews that would be happy to kill every American and Brit on this planet.

Yes, there is a ceasefire for now in Gaza and Israel but yesterday there was hardly a ceasing of the fire.

• In Kabul, in yet another so-called “green-on-blue” incident, a Taliban-influenced Afghan officer, trained to defend his country by the United States, opened fire at a military academy (modeled on West Point). He killed US Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, a scholar and scientist, and badly wounded several other NATO officials. We Americans, floundering in the fatwa night, live with the dissatisfied feeling of ambiguous outcomes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why would any of us begrudge our exemplary ally Israel a decisive blow to a flagship terrorist syndicate in Gaza with direct psychic links to the Taliban and all the jihadists?

• And yesterday, a leading figure in the Hamas organization, an agency now flying on the wings of Twitter while their Palestinian pawns are caged to the ground, refused to rescind his public declaration that “the Jews use Christian blood with which to bake their holy matzos.” The chilling videotape of his screed was played for him on CNN as he simply responded by trying shout down Wolf Blitzer. His eyes blazing with hate, he unsuccessfully tried to convert the “dialogue” into yet another siren of ranting about “the Israeli aggression.” Social medieval media at its best.

• And again yesterday, an Indian television crew based in Gaza released a clear and damning video, which they narrated calmly and with journalistic professionalism, of Hamas “fighters” assembling, mounting, and launching a rocket from directly within a civilian enclave. One’s mouth hangs open when seeing this and hearing all the refutations of such atrocities committed by Hamas against its own people.

Israel, like the United States in Vietnam, or the Allies in Nazi Germany, absolutely killed innocent people in war. But it’s hard to argue with the Israelis when they have claimed all these years that their goal is to protect their civilians against rockets while Hamas tries to protect its rockets with civilians.

It’s hard to wonder why we aren’t angrier about jihadists who wind up executing American soldiers like Gen. Greene; our soldiers are far from home trying to help these people fight off the terrorist malignancies. And it’s impossible not to ask why we give a platform to radical-Muslim blood libels that would have made Himmler blush.

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