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An alternative Easter basket stuffer

The chocolate Easter bunny, dyed and decorated eggs, and gargantuan amounts of candy that come with the Easter season are great fun for the kids, but the transcending message of Easter may get lost in the inevitable sugar shock. However, if you are looking for an Easter basket stuffer that shows the love of Jesus to your little ones and explains the reason for Easter season as well, then perhaps CBN's animated DVD series Superbook is the answer to your dilemma.

The Superbook series chronicles the stories of the Bible using modern-day children, Christopher and Joy, as characters who are transported and become eyewitnesses to the historical stories of God's word. "He is Risen" is the latest edition to the Superbook series. This Easter, CBN is offering a deal that will allow you to bless in triplicate. They are offering a six-DVD set, which includes three copies of "He is Risen" and an additional three copies of "The Last Supper" for a donation of $25.

The donation of $25 goes toward the future production and broadcast of more Superbook stories. You can also become a member of their Superbook DVD club. When you join the club, CBN will automatically send six copies of the latest installment of the Superbook series for an additional gift of $25. So get the chocolate bunnies, the Peeps, and the jelly beans, but find some time in your day to sit your little loved-ones down to watch these DVD's. It's an accesible way for them to begin to process the reason for their hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

For more information about "He is Risen" and all the Superbook DVD's click here or call 1-800-759-0700.

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