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An almond milk shake recipe so tasty you will think it's bad for you

Does this look healthy?

Are you sick of empty promises? Are you looking for a dessert that you can have every day of your life without worrying about gaining a pound? This is the recipe you have been waiting for.

The first time I had this shake it was from an organic juice bar and it was $8. I was so amazed at how delicious it is that I had to learn how to make it at home for a fraction of the cost. Since I now have one every day of the week, I have perfected it so that you can enjoy this guilt-free shake that will blow your mind.


1 frozen banana

1/2 cup of ice

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup carrot juice

2 dates (pitted)

1 small handful of cashews (unsalted, raw)

1 tsp cacao powder (optional)


After playing with this recipe a hundred or so times, I have found some great tips that will make it taste better for you. The banana will be less mushy if you quarter it up and freeze it before hand. It also will help turn it into a shake instead of a liquid mess.

You should be able to find carrot juice at any health food store these days. I juice my own with my juicer ahead of time, but organic unsweetened carrot juice from the store should be just fine.

The cacao powder is not traditional cocoa like you find at any grocery store. That junk has a ton of sugar and chemicals in it, so you do not want it in your shake. This cacao powder is found at most any health food store and is the unprocessed, unsweetened product that has all of the vitamins and minerals that we often hear about.


Blend in a powerful blender for 30 seconds or until all small pieces of cashew and dates have been ground up into small enough pieces so you can drink it.

There is not a single ingredient in this shake that is bad for you, or that will promote weight gain. If you are thinking of carrot juice and are wondering if I am aware that it is in this recipe, I certainly do. I promise you will not taste the carrot juice (which is sweet anyway) and you will be absolutely blown away by how delicious this shake really is.

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