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An all-star game was played between fourth grade and under students

The Blue Team
The Blue Team
Reggie Malz

A 4th Grade and Under all-star game was played at Westwood Community Center on May 31, 2014. The game featured some of the best players from North Jersey.

The pink team won the all-star game
Reggie Malz

The Pink Team won, 29-21. Hasbrouck Heights senior Swati Shivkumar was the volunteer coach for the day. Swati played varsity soccer for two years and both varsity softball and basketball for four years. She will attend Northeastern next year in Australia for their Study Abroad program.

On the Pink Team, the following players participated:

  • Mia Pauldo from Paterson, NJ - An explosive 2nd grader who has great dribbling skills and knows the game. Mia is able to attack the elbow and draw defenders to her in order to pass to open teammates. She uses a variety of shoulder and head fakes to lose defenders. This is a player to watch.
  • Enazhe Pulido from Paterson, NJ - She sets her feet for shots and plays good defense. She has strong hands.
  • Nia Rex from Totowa, NJ - She is a post player with good velocity and speed.
  • Tianna Manning from Paterson, NJ - She is a post player with great basket awareness. She looks for rebounds and squares up for shots.
  • Tyzhane Chandler (not shown in the picture) from Paterson, NJ - She can trap on defense and makes strong passes.
  • Taylor Rae Conkling from Park Ridge, NJ - Lightning quick defender who stays low. She has fast hands and hounds players with the ball while on defense.
  • Ashleigh McManus from Park Ridge, NJ - Has a great shot and scorer's mentality. She can shoot from a variety of spots on the court.

The Blue Team was coached by Hasbrouck Heights junior Stefanie Pagan. Stefanie has been on varsity softball and basketball since her freshmen year. She also participates in the school's volleyball program.

On the Blue Team, the following players participated:

  • Sabrina Sheridan from Park Ridge, NJ - She knows the game very well. She can do most cross-overs and is good at setting her feet for shots.
  • Elysa Von Der Lieth from Park Ridge, NJ - She is athletic and knows when to set screens for teammates. She sets her feet for shots and looks for rebounds.
  • Mya Pauldo from Paterson, NJ - She is a quick defender and knows when to come up to trap. She has speed and can shoot.
  • Ta'jahnay Williams from Paterson, NJ - She can artistically attack the basket and end with two steps.
  • Kaci Avant from Paterson, NJ - She is a great foul shooter who knows how to set her feet for shots. She can play both the point and two guard positions.
  • Laila Benjamin from Paterson, NJ - She is a strong center who can get rebounds.
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