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An alarming text message puts Jerome High School in lock-down

Tuesday, January 28th Jerome High School students reported to school officials an alarming text message they received from another student. The Jerome police department was called and they placed the high school in lock-down to sweep the school for precautionary measures. The lock-down lasted for 30 minutes until Jerome Police gave the all clear.

We've been using in school suspension as a punishment, but kids really don't.
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Assistant Principal Victor Arreaga explains the text message, "It made reference to how many students we have in the school. It made a reference to Sandy Hook Elementary and also threatening to do harm to the students we have here"

The student whose name has not been released claimed that he was only joking and will be suspended for the rest of the week. More severe punishment is possible following a school board meeting.

What is a school suspension?

A suspension from school means that a child is temporarily banned from attending school for a period of time, lasting anywhere from one day to a week or longer, as a punishment for poor behavior. Sometimes a suspension is issued for a single, serious infraction; other times, it is issued after continued disruptive or defiant behavior when other methods of discipline have failed.

What is a school suspension to a child?

Most children do not see the act of actually being suspended as a punishment. They often see it as a reward; they're getting unexpected time off from school.

What is a parent to do if your child is suspended?

  1. Use the time at home to discuss the issue.
  2. Enforce punishment at home.
  3. Make sure your child is aware of his or her wrong doing.
  4. Make sure that they know that if the behavior occurs again there will be a more severe punishment.
  5. Help your child to come up with ways they could have handled the situation better.

With 11 school shootings this month the news comes to those in the community with a heavy heart and cause many questions to arise? I took a moment to ask those on my Facebook Page what they think of the situation and here are a few of the responses I received:

  • Why?
  • Are the police searching the students home for weapons or other signs that he may be planning something in the future to harm those at Jerome High School?
  • What is causing students around the nation to resort to violence & suicide to solve problems?

It is time for us to come together as school officials, teachers, staff, parents and community members and create solutions for the problem we have at hand. Enough is enough.

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