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An afternoon with star people

up your vibration to meet the star people

Today from 1p.m. to 3 p.m. the UFO meet up group will hold their monthly meeting at a new location, Healing Dynamics International, located in Scottsdale. This event is open to the general public. Come and discover your unique connection to the cosmos. Join them for a special afternoon of making contact with the Star People.

Contactees Apollo as well as Viviane Chauvet, an Arturian/human hybrid and healer, have been given specific techniques from Star Families on how to contact them psychically, bringing them within the room, allowing the group to commune with them. Spiritually they will be working with their healing energy, channeling their wisdom while working with their Star Ships which we will be hovering above the meeting hall in subspace.

According to Apollo and Viviane, many of us are actually ET souls that have incarnated in human form to aide in planetary transformation. “Our Star Families are waiting to make contact with us!” This is your opportunity to meet your family in the stars!

Vivian reports that the higher benevolent ETs are beings of light and have evolved past using physical bodies. They tell us if we want to interact with them we must meet them more on their level in our light bodies as well as using our psychic intuitive abilities to speak to them, feeling their presence.

The UFO field has many unknowns. So it is important that humanity is working with the most benevolent of the Star People. Viviane, a clairvoyant, reports that the key is to keep your vibration high to match the more evolved beings. The techniques you will learn in this meeting will assure the most positive and harmonious contact experience.

This meeting will be in a TOWN HALL/OPEN FORUM. Many of you have had amazing UFO experiences. With an open forum, this will be an opportunity to share your stories and experiences with UFO’s and the Star People while learning of others shared memories.

UFO’s, Aliens and Extraterrestrials, an afternoon with Star People will happen today, Sunday, June 22, 2014, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. This month’s meeting only will be held at the Healing Dynamics International located at 2401 N. Hayden Road, Suite 112, between McDowell and Thomas inside the “Hayden Professional Plaza” in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The cost is $10.00 at the door.

See you there.

Practice acts of random kindness each day…it is good for your soul and helps heal the world at large.

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