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An adventurous father’s expedition to claim his daughter a true princess

Father travels far to make daughter a princess
Father travels far to make daughter a princess
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Jeremiah Heaton, a resident in Abingdon, Virginia wanted to make his daughter a real princess by staking a family flag on unclaimed land between Egypt and Sudan. Heaton hiked across the rocky desert where he placed the flag. But is it really that easy to claim a new country?

Not really, but it is possible if the African Union officially allows the newly claimed and named, ‘Kingdom of North Sudan.' Although most countries have been established after much war, Heaton believes the flag that his children designed was planted out of love not war. But does that seem a likely reason that both countries will release it to an American with a dream? It’s a a far shot, but a sliver hope might exist.

According to Shelia Carapico, a professor of political science and international studies at the University of Richmond, told Seattle pi he would need to obtain direction from the “neighboring countries, the United Nations,” and possibly other groups.” But that doesn’t seem to an obstacle for this American dad. If he was willing to go the extra mile, literally, to possibly claim his daughter as a princess, perhaps he is willing to start negotiations.

The negotiations might seem like a lot of work for most, but after a bit of research, Heaton’s official background shows he may have U.S. Army, and Virginia police negotiation training. One of his old friends posted on Heaton’s timeline, “This is Jeremiah Heaton. In 1995 he and I went through the United States Army basic training center out of Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. I just recently got back in touch with him right about the same time he was getting back from Africa and declaring a section of unclaimed land as his own for his daughter whom he has allowed to become a real princess!! Which makes the rest of us feel like bad fathers!! Lol”

Let’s hope Heaton’s optimistic pursuit will fulfill his promise to make his 7-year-old daughter, Emily a princess, as his next expedition will need to open talks with both neighboring countries, South Sudan and Egypt, before any official recognition.

Regardless if Heaton’s claim becomes official or not, his efforts have surely won him father of the year, possibly decade, and earned his family a story that will last for generations. Just don’t give Heaton too much heat, just because you may not have researched the idea first or trekked across an undeveloped desert, through foreign countries to try and give your daughter the rights to be a true princess. It appears his wife, two sons, other family members and friends have been cheering him on for staking claim to the ‘Kingdom of North Sudan’ to make his daughter a princess.

Heaton said his actions are a way to show his children how much he loves them, and that he would do anything in the world for them.

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