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An Adventure Awaits at the Real Pirates Exhibit at the Natural History Museum

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If you are ready to delve into the real life of pirates, then the San Diego Natural History Museum has the exhibit for you. The Real Pirates exhibit, showcasing treasure and artifacts from the only authentic pirate ship ever found, has had a great West Coast premiere in San Diego. All the artifacts in the Real Pirates exhibit are from the slave ship, the Whydah, where 143 men, along with the cargo and treasures, found an untimely end.

This 10,000 square foot exhibition spans two levels, and takes a historic look into the life and times of early 18th-century Caribbean, and the 'pirate's life'. It also explores how pirates were 'unlikely naturalists', since they traveled to regions normally off-limits to sailors and ships and many took very detailed notes of what they encountered.

There are also other exhibits at the Natural History Museum, including a new exhibit set to open January 2015, Coast to Cactus in Southern California, which explores 25 biodiversity hot spots in the region. Be sure to take time out for the digital 3D movie experience as well.

The Real Pirates exhibit will run through Labor Day weekend, and be sure to visit the museum often for new exhibits.