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An adorable book for children who love cats

Kitty Witty

A.J. Fontaine is the proud owner of four cats, three of which were rescued by the Humane Society of Douglas County. His cats inspired him to write children’s stories about their tricks and adventures. Thus, the author’s first book was born: ‘Kitty Witty’s Big Adventure’ tells the story of Kitty Witty, a curious and brave kitten that gets lost in the woods and has to find his way back home.

One day, Kitty Witty goes outside to play, thinking that it is a beautiful day to admire the nature from his family’s porch. But a brightly colored butterfly gets his attention, and the kitten chases it for a long time. When he stops chasing the butterfly, Kitty Witty realizes that he’s not only very far from home, but he is also lost in the woods. How will he ever find his way back?

Back home, the kitten’s family is very worried, and everyone is trying to find him. They are scared that Kitty Witty may never return. Meanwhile, the cat is actually having a great adventure in the woods, because he finds new friends with whom he plays hide and seek. For a while he is not concerned with getting back to his family, or with the fact that someone might be looking for him.

“Kitty Witty’s Big Adventure” is a fun and enjoyable read for both children and adults. Parents will love to read this story to their little ones, because it also gives them the chance to teach them that they should love animals and try to save them or adopt them if possible. Also, the illustrations are very beautiful, and they will keep even the little children engaged until the last page.

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