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An adorable book for children about a kitty that dreams to have a loving family

A Kitty and His Dream

Dreams can turn into the most powerful motivations that make us work hard for a better life and a brighter future. This is one of the lessons A.J. Fontaine’s book will teach children through the exciting adventures of a little cat named Outside Kitty AKA O.K. O.K. is not a cat like all the others. He has a big dream, and he is determined to make it happen. He’s not going to sit and wait for someone to adopt him, so he takes matters into his own paws and starts looking for a loving family. Yes, this is what O.K. has always dreamed of: a family that will take him in, love him, feed him delicious food, and play with him all day long.

‘A Kitty and His Dream’ is an adorable and heart-warming book for both children and parents. It is the perfect gift for any animal lover, and the kids will fall in love with the colorful illustrations and the funny faces O.K. makes all the time. If you buy this book for your children, don’t be surprised if they’ll ask you to get them a kitty that looks just like O.K. after they finish reading it.

O.K.’s journey is not an easy one. He goes from an outside cat to a shelter pet, and the time he spends in the shelter is not very enjoyable. After all, he knows that not all the pets that live in a shelter find a family. There are moments when he thinks he will never achieve his dream, but the most important thing is that he never gives up. Children will root for O.K. and hope he will eventually find what he is looking for. O.K.’s story will teach them that they have to fight for their dreams, because there is no other way to accomplish them.

Though it is quite short, ‘A Kitty and His Dream’ is a book that is full of challenging adventures, plot twists, and valuable lessons for the little ones. If you want to make your children a wonderful surprise, then get them a copy on January 29, 2014, when ‘A Kitty and His Dream’ is free on Amazon.

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