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An accident exposes family secrets in Kate Veitch's latest novel, Trust


In Kate Veitch's newly released novel, Trust (Plume/Penguin), secrets threaten to destory a family.

Susanna Greenfield has spent all of her life being good and seeking approval.  Her life is running smoothly; she enjoys a comfortable marriage to Gerry, an architect who takes great pride in his work, and her teenagers, Sebastian and Stella-Jean, are well-rounded, model children.  She teaches art at a local college, and the only challenges in her life are figuring out the topic of an article she has to publish and the theme for her upcoming art exhibition, as well as playing referee to the arguments between her mother, Jean, and her born-again-Christian sister, Angie.

However, Susanna’s life is upended when an accident occurs.  She must cope with the grief of losing one member of her family and nearly losing two others as she learns that her perfect marriage is in shambles.  And Gerry isn’t the only one keeping secrets; Seb is questioning his sexuality and Stella-Jean is worried about her 8-year-old cousin, Finn, particularly the way he is treated by Angie’s new roommate, Gabriel, a church musician whose behavior in private is far removed from the beliefs of his religion.  Meanwhile, Susanna’s artistic side takes flight, and an idea for her exhibition becomes bigger than she ever imagined, but Gerry is far from supportive.

Baltimore-area book blogger, Diary of an Eccentric, says, "Veitch does a great job making her characters and their struggles seem real.  The ways in which they bare their souls on the pages show that she knows them inside and out.  And even though I didn’t really identify with any of the characters, Veitch tackles many issues in Trust that are universal.  It’s a novel that certainly took me on an emotional ride, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Veitch has in store for readers in her next novel."

For more information about Trust, as well as Veitch's first novel, Without a Backward Glance, visit


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