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An absolutely unsubstantiated and bitter critique of 'Valentine's Day' (which isn't released yet)


  • Robert 6 years ago

    Oh Robert, this is your funniest article yet.

  • sanchez 6 years ago

    First, Gosh dilly wacker! who comments on their own review? lol
    Second, Avatar in 4-D! I'd pay to see that.
    "Not all romantic-comedies (or chick-flicks) are bad. Love Actually, (500) Days of Summer, and Enchanted are all very good movies."
    One more reference to 500 days of summer and i swear i'm going to find summer just so she can be with you and leave you! so you can feel bad about ever hyping up this movie! Wait, what kind of human with testicles likes Enchanted? I know!!!the ones who have periods!
    Fourth, this article might be one of your funniest ever. I'll have to wait for the review on pretty woman.

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