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An 89 cent refill inflates to $525 and the drink doesn't taste any different

89 cent refill cost $525 refill and it didn't taste any better than the 89 cent drink!
89 cent refill cost $525 refill and it didn't taste any better than the 89 cent drink!
Wikimedia Commons

When an 89 cent drink refill jumps to over $500 dollars that seems like inflation that has gone just way off the charts. One might think that a drink refill costing $525 might have some gold flakes or be made of 100-year-old scotch, but that’s not the case. This $525 is the price of a fine that was given to a man for refilling his regular run-of-the-mill soft drink, according to Newsoxy on April 17.

Christopher Lewis of North Charleston, South Carolina has been working construction at a VA medical center and he has been regularly buying drinks and getting free refills. The last time he refilled his cup, he was slapped with a ticket for shoplifting and now that refill will cost him what some people pay a month for a new luxury car payment.

The federal officer who handed Lewis the ticket pointed out that there are signs all over the cafeteria saying “refills are not free.” After you realize that refill will now cost you $525, you would say that it is far from free. The VA Hospital cafeteria said it doesn’t have anything to do with the fines, but they consider taking a free refill an act of shoplifting.

According to the New York Post, Lewis said he never noticed the signs before and has refilled his drink without paying on a few occasions. He felt slighted because he wasn’t given the chance to pay for the refill, he was just handed the ticket that stated the amount of the fine.

Will he pay? He is going to try his hardest not to. Lewis plans to contest this fine in federal court when his turn comes around to state his case before the judge. Try as he might, the track record for getting these fines reversed isn’t very good. In most cases the judge doesn’t lift the fine, meaning that Lewis paid what many might call an arm and a leg for a soft drink refill.