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Amy Wilcox talks 'Crazy Hearts: Nashville' and her plan after the A&E show

Amy Wilcox is one of the stars of A&E's reality series Crazy Hearts: Nashville, which airs its season finale this afternoon. BFTV recently spoke with Amy to look back on the first season of the show, and consider whether or not the experience of reality TV was worth it for this up-and-coming musician.

Amy Wilcox is one of the stars of A&E's reality series 'Crazy Hearts: Nashville.'
Courtesy of EFG

"I think I did it to kind of get my music out there and have a different outlet," she told us. "And I definitely think that was accomplished. Having over a million people watch the season premiere, that was really exciting for me.

"In terms of the content of the show, I think it's been really fun for me getting to experience it with all the cast members. We're all very close," she continued, adding, "They did a good job of showing a lot of the realities of being a musician. You can see through the show that being in the music business is not easy. At the end of the season, I get to a place where I'm kind of in a good spot."

For Amy, that good place - hopefully building on the momentum given to her by the TV show - involves the release of more music later this year, which she describes as "really happy and excited," and then "a spring tour, which is something I've wanted to do for years," she told us. "I'm going to be pounding the pavement."

She's already released a single, "Hell on Heels," in January, and a Crazy Hearts cast album dropped on iTunes this week, featuring that track and one more from Amy. If you haven't yet heard her music, we included her latest YouTube video at the top of this article for you to get a listen.

Nashville has become a new hot spot for television following the success of ABC's scripted series Nashville; aside from A&E's project, TNT just launched Private Lives of Nashville Wives, with cast members including Sarah Davidson. What's the sudden appeal of Nashville to a national audience? We asked Amy to theorize.

"It's definitely a metropolitan city, but it has a small town vibe. And it's such a collaborative city, with the music business. Community and that kind of mentality is really huge there," she explained. "I know every single cast member of our show, and every single cast member of the TNT show!"

The Crazy Hearts: Nashville season finale airs today at 1 PM ET/PT on A&E. For more on Amy, you can visit her website ( and follow her on Twitter (@amywilcox).

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