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Amy's Bakery owner says Gordon Ramsay sexually harassed during filming

Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Amy's Bakery caused all kinds of drama when they were on the show "Kitchen Nightmares." Now on March 28, Radar Online is reporting that Amy Bouzaglo is now saying that Gordon Ramsay actually sexually harassed her while filming the show.

Ever since they were on the show the owners of Amy's Bakery have tried to stay in the headlines. They want people to pay attention to them. This new allegation is coming almost a year after their show aired. Back in Nov., Samy, the other owner, tried to say on a YouTube video that Gordon sexually harassed his wife in the kitchen. He also said that the show was not supposed to air because it wasn't done. They aren't saying exactly what sexual harassment went down though.

Now in a new interview, Amy is saying that yes it is true and they won't take the video down. She said, "“I can’t take that video down. His lawyers wanted me to take it down and we said, ‘F**k you, we’re not taking it down. It’s true!" Of course Gordon Ramsay will not admit to it or deny at this time.

It will be interesting to see what else comes out about Amy's Bakery saying Gordon Ramsay sexually harassed her on "Kitchen Nightmares."

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Update: A spokesperson for "Kitchen Nightmares" contacted Examiner with the following comment. They said, "The owners of Amy's Baking Company continue to make baseless and inflammatory comments. These ridiculous accusations are completely untrue.”

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