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Amy Rose has gone totally, “Country Crazy”

Nashville, TN

These are photographs of Amy Rose
These are photographs of Amy Rose
2014 Amy Rose
The Artwork for the Single, Country Crazy
2014 Amy Rose

So, who is this Amy Rose and why has she gone totally, “Country Crazy,” you ask? Amy is this super cool lady from Canada who was born to sing country music. Her vocals are chocked full of power and emotion and she can hold a note like nobody’s business.

Amy just got back from an appearance and performances at the world famous Country Music Association Festival also known as the CMA Fest held once a year in Nashville Tennessee. The CMA Festival was formerly and is still affectionately called Fan Fair by all the folks that have attended for years and absolutely refuse to call it anything else. No matter what it is called, it is known worldwide as is cherished because it is the annual event that gives country artists a chance to give back to the fans. Up and coming country singers attend and perform at this event to introduce themselves to country fans from across the United States, network and well have a good old time.

Amy is kicking off a radio tour for her new single shortly and she has just released the music video for, “Country Crazy,” this week on YouTube.

Amy’s song, “Sunshine,” continues to do well on the charts and coming right up behind it is, “Country Crazy.” With the video release of this song, the sky is the limit. The video was shot in Canada and it was edited in Nashville.

Amy has hooked up with Bright Star International, which is a non-profit organization that strives to spread the message against drinking and driving. Amy is the mother to 3 little girls and she never wants to get that phone call. Drunk driving and the pain it causes when someone has an accident driving drunk is senseless and can be avoided. This is a message Amy truly believes in.

Both, “Sunshine,” and “Country Crazy,” are available at iTunes, Amazon and all other digital download outlets. Make sure to click the arrow in the video that is embedded in this article. That is the Official Music Video of, “Country Crazy.”

You can check out Amy Rose and where you can see her live at her website.