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Amy Rose: An interview with Canada's 'Redneck Diva'

Recently this writer completed an article about Amy Rose, who has the distinction of being called Canada's "Redneck Diva." Amy is a very talented country music singer from Canada, with many ties in the U.S. country music field, especially in Nashville. In an attempt to learn more about Amy and her music, we made arrangements for this interview.

Amy Rose
Amy Rose & MTS Management Group

EX: First, I would like to thank Amy Rose for taking the time to talk with us about herself and her career.

Amy: Thanks for taking the time to interview me!!!

EX: Amy, even though many of the readers have read your bio., there are still many things they would like to know about you and your career, so let's get started. How old were you when you decided you wanted to be a country singer?

Amy: You know, I don't ever remember there being a time in my life when I didn't want to be a singer... I was five years old when I entered my first singing competition at a local fair in my hometown of Barrie, Ontario and from that three minute song I was hooked...

EX: Who were your biggest influences in the country music field?

Amy: Well that would be the insanely talented and extremely beautiful Mrs. Dolly Parton... I absolutely love her music and the incredible drive she has in the industry... This is a woman who has done it all, singing, songwriting, producing, acting, Broadway and much more... (I definitely look up to her and the way she has shaped country music)

EX: She has certainly done that. She is, and always will be a legend. Amy, in the beginning, how did your family feel about your desire to become a country singer, and how do they feel now?

Amy: Honestly I'm a lucky girl; I have the best support system in the whole wide world... My parents have been a driving force in my career and have always had bigger dreams for me than I've had for myself... I have the worlds most incredible husband who has earned the title of Mr. Amy Rose, but most importantly has captured my heart ♥ (I tell him he has a lifetime lease on it) Hehehe :) We have 3 beautiful little girls together Dayna, Olivia & Ella who truly are my inspiration in everything I do... Though there are times that it can get a bit crazy with recording, press interviews, social media, touring and just life in general, my husband Jeff has always wanted nothing more than to see me succeed in an industry I so deeply love...

EX: That always makes it easier on a performer. Amy, how strong is country music in Canada, and how do you think it measures up to country music in the U.S.?

Amy: I think country music is bigger than it's ever been and it's getting bigger by the day, whether it's in Canada, U.S. or U.K. it's everywhere!!! Hehehe

EX: Tell the readers about some of the accomplishments in your career and what you feel has been the greatest accomplishment of all?

Amy: Oh gosh, so many amazing things have happen to me in the past couple years that all mean the WORLD to me such as "Party Like A Redneck" being picked up by CMT and a major video production company being played on over 500 chain outlets across the U.S, opening up for Big & Rich at MITF 2013, My single "Sunshine" going to #1 on the NMW chart, Winning Country Entertainer Of The Year at the 2013 IMEA Awards and Music Video Of The Year for "Party Like A Redneck" at the 2014 Nashville Universe Awards!!!!! (Just to name a few).

EX: How many records have you cut so far, and what labels did you record them on?

Amy: I'm currently working on my third album titled "Just The Beginning" which will include my new single "Country Crazy" on it and will be on Wild Rose Music/MTS Records... Other album's, "One Special Girl" & "The Last Of The True Believers" were both with independent labels.

EX: Your manager, Michael Stover of MTS Management Group told me
several weeks ago that you were preparing to release a new single. Has it been released, and if so where can it be purchased?

Amy: Yes!!! I've gotta say I'm super excited about this new upcoming single... "Country Crazy," which made its worldwide debut last week on "In The Country" with Dave Woods and will officially hit radio on April 7th.We are currently in pre-production, gearing up to shoot the music video for this single on April 5th & 6th, 2014 with director Kyle Popovich in my hometown of Barrie, Ontario.Were all gonna get our COUNTRY C.R.A.Z.Y. ON!!!!!!

EX: Amy, what are some of the venues that you will be performing in during 2014?

Amy: Some of our Ontario dates include Peterborough, North Bay, St. Mary's, Barrie, Guelph, and Toronto. I'll also be heading back south to Nashville, Tennessee this June as part of the line up at CMA Fest 2014. You can check out all my tour dates by visiting Amy Rose Music.

EX: What are your ultimate goals in your career?

Amy: To perform on The Grand Ole Opry and to have my idol Mrs. Dolly Parton introduce me when I do! (Aim high, right) Hehehe.

EX: Amy, I always like to ask my guests this question; If you had your career to do over, would you do anything different?

Amy: Absolutely nothing... I am where I am today because of what I've done and the choices I've made... :)

EX: What advice would you give a very young person who wants to get into the music business?

Amy: Surround yourself with great people and you'll be bound for greatness... Stay motivated, keep positive and reach for the stars, cause dreams do come true.

EX: Amy, thanks so much for taking time to complete this interview, and I hope your career takes you where you want to go, and my readers and I will be watching as your star continues to rise.

Amy: Thanks for all your support!!! ♥

Be sure and check out Amy Rose's music video, "Party Like A Redneck." It is in the video section.

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