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Amy Robach: Not a favorite of Robin Roberts'?

There's yet another rumor that Amy Robach might be part of. Now that Robin Roberts' book has been released, it leaves more room for speculation on just how things among the cast at "Good Morning America." RadarOnline reports April 24 that it appears Robin might not be too fond of Amy.

In the book titled, "Everybody's Got Something," Robin writes about the good times she had with Lara Spencer, George Stephanopoulos, and Sam Champion. Amy was noticeably not mentioned when she wrote about their after-hours get togethers.

“Sam Josh Lara, and I hung out together after work,” Roberts wrote. “George would join us occasionally…”

Robach was also left out when Roberts elaborated on what she found enchanting about her "GMA" co-workers. She had specific thoughts about each of them she shared.

“We all brought something to the table. George Stephanopoulos is the grown-up. … Sam Champion has a booming laugh, but is serious and compassionate when out in the field … Josh Eliott is the tall, handsome jock who melts when talking about his precious little daughter. Lara ‘I Brake For Yard Sales’ Spencer is a bundle of energy who has perfected the art of covering pop news.”

Amy Robach was briefly mentioned by Robin Roberts when she addressed the breast cancer Amy discovered while having a mammogram live on "GMA." Robin said she "urged her to do the segment." Robin added that she never thought her own experience would help save someone else's life.

WebPro News informed readers that the title of Robin's book, "Everybody's Got Something," came from a saying her mother used to have.

Besides Amy Robach allegedly not being a favorite of Lara Spencer's, it's possible she's not a favorite of Robin Roberts,' either. Reports have speculated this, but nothing is known for certain on the true dynamics of the "GMA" family.

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