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Amy Robach fed up with Lara Spencer: 'GMA' feud escalates?

Amy Robach is reportedly fed up with Lara Spencer on ABC's "Good Morning America." When news came that Josh Elliott was leaving the morning news show for NBC Sports, it meant a promotion for Amy and now there's issues supposedly going on between Amy and Lara.

According to an April 8 RadarOnline report, Amy not only feels Lara isn't right for serious journalism, she hates the fact that she "flirts" with co-workers on set as well as guests that appear on "GMA."

“Among the gripes Amy has with Lara is that she shamelessly flirts with the male staff and guests. It’s cringe-worthy, according to Amy, and she hates to see it," a source said.

Michael Strahan will be joining "GMA" and the source added that Amy Robach "is preparing for even more of an ick factor" in Lara's flirtatious behavior.

“Lara is a married woman, and it’s just unprofessional in Amy’s opinion,” the insider said.

So, what was the deal behind the two women going out to eat lunch on Sunday? Sources claim it was a "calculated PR ploy," according to the report.

“ABC went into crisis mode after the news broke that Lara and Amy hate each other,” the source said. “The lunch was set up and staged by GMA bosses. When was the last time Lara and Amy had lunch, especially over the weekend? It was all done to try to offset the negative press.”

Will Amy Robach and Lara Spencer feud die down at "GMA" or is this going to be a recurring headline? The popular ABC news program gets a lot of attention for its behind-the-scenes dynamics among the cast. As long as "Good Morning America" stays at number one, viewers will care about this kind of stuff.

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