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Amy Purdy inspires on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ debut; double-amputee dances

Amy Purdy to compete on Dancing With the Stars
Amy Purdy to compete on Dancing With the Stars
Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images

Amy Purdy isn't the typical Dancing With the Stars contestant and she seems absolutely fine with that. The star was at the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi and now is paired up with professional dancer Derek Hough. The contestant is a double amputee and she has been very open about her life with the fans way before the reality show started. According to ABC News on Monday, the snowboarder found being part of the show wasn't a tough choice at all.

So how did Amy Purdy lose her legs? The athlete had meningitis (also referred to as Neisseria meningitidis) and lost her legs at age 19. Not letting that slow her down, the star has continued on her journey in live and has some amazing accomplishments. When she steps on the ballroom floor on Monday night she will be the first star to ever be a contestant as a double-amputee.

The competition has some great talent in the ballroom for the season, but don’t overlook Amy as someone who might go home early. The star knows what it takes to be a winner (and she has received several Olympic medals to prove it) plus she has passion.

Half the fight of staying every week in the Dancing With the Stars competition is proving to the fans that you want to win. Amy Purdy will have no problem sharing her enthusiasm with the fans and in return she might be seen at the end of the competition during the finals.

Amy Purdy is one of the contestants on this season’s show that really inspires. Anyone can get in front of a camera, but to offer more is nothing less than sheer talent!