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Amy Purdy getting scored differently on ‘DWTS’? Lifts openly ignored by judges

Carrie Ann Inaba
Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

The "Dancing With the Stars" fans watched as Amy Purdy danced on the ballroom on Monday night. The athlete had another moving performance on Disney Night and it was beautiful. This week, more than ever, the star seemed to struggle with the routine, but she held on and did extraordinarily well. According to WetPaint on Monday night, fans are wondering if the star is being held to a different standard as she isn't being docked points like the other celebrities.

Carrie Ann Inaba openly suggested she is not judging the competition fairly. Instead she is picking and choosing which elements of the dance she judges as she sees fit. Sounds fair? Not really.

"The bad news is, you know I always call lifts and I saw some lifts. But I cannot take off a point from you for doing a lift because of your unique circumstance,” said Carrie Ann Inaba explaining she wouldn't make Amy Purdy follow the rules she enforces for the other contestants.

If fans remember, the first week of the reality show Len Goodman revealed that Amy Purdy would be judged like every other star. Yes, people definitely do admire her situation, but there wasn't going to be any favoritism. Now, only a few weeks later judge Carrie Ann Inaba is letting everyone know she isn't judging Amy Purdy the same way she might judge Drew Carey or Candace Cameron Bure.

Perhaps it is callous to point out, but Carrie Ann Inaba’s decision not to dock the contestant for a lift and stick to the other stars is wrong. Amy Purdy is a beautiful dancer and doing her best. This needs to be a fair competition and if Carrie Ann saw a lift, then she should have appropriately reflected on that with the score. Otherwise Carrie Anne is just being a hypocrite.

As for Amy Purdy, she is a star in the ballroom. She doesn't need a sympathy point from anyone as she has got this competition under control. She works hard, makes it happen on the ballroom floor and is proud of her accomplishment. That is why the viewers vote for her. She is an inspiration. And inspiring people aren't victims waiting for a break because of their “unique circumstances.”

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