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Amy Purdy and Derek, dance their way into the hearts or many

Tom Bergeron tried his best to keep everyone in suspense right up to the minute he announced the winner of the latest edition, of Dancing With the Stars but he need not have tried. Everyone in the ballroom as well as those watching on TV at home knew who the winner was going to be long before it became official.

Amy and Derek dance on Good Morning America
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

When the winners, Meryl and Max, were announced,and the MirrorBall Trophy was presented, it was really anti-climatic because week after week to two best couples were Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Amy Purdy an Derek Hough. Week after week the two pairs performed routines bordering on spectacular with Meryl and Maks slightly edging out Amy and Derek in the standings almost every week.

Even on this final night of DWTS season 18 the difference between the judges scores was just one point for a combined two night score, Meryl and Maks received a perfect score of 90, Amy and Derek were just one point behind at 89 and Candace and Mark were in third with 78 points.

While many fans of the show, particularly those who were fans of Amy and Dereck, sensed the outcome of the show they still held out hope Amy Purdy would pull it out and win the trophy. She came into the show with no formal dance instruction and had to overcome many obstacles such as learning to perform using her swimming feet, and overcoming back problem.

Amy progressed as a dancer each week and to the amazement of all who watched her she seemed to float across the dance floor in perfectly choreographed routines by Derek Hough. In the first of the two nights of the finale, Amy even got a chance to soar in the air as part of her dance routine.

Amy may have not won the Mirror Ball trophy, some are already crying foul that she didn't win, she is still a winner, an inspiration,a role model and so much more to those with and without disabilities who watched her dance. Her courage and determination should make others think twice before saying, "I can't."

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