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Amy Dalley and Mason Douglas at Mad Donna's


One of the best things about the Middle Tennessee and Nashville is the creative outlet it offers for live music. A nice spring evening in east nashville served up a nice plate of reasonably priced food and a standing room only venue in the loft featuring Amy Dalley and Mason Douglas.

Amy Dalley
Amy Dalley

Amy Dalley is from Kingsport Tennessee and she has the straight forward presentation of telling a story in an engaging manner from a females point of view.

Amy sang with a 4 peice band 2 guitars a bassist and box drum player. Amy played guitar and featured original tunes.

Amy's set is fun and thoughtful her voice hints at the south and the deepness of well thought out scenerarios that happen in every day life.

Amy has a website at

The song He Makes Me Wanna had the gals at my table laughing and agreeing with a time they had that experience.

Mason Douglas is from Tuscon Arizona and showed a great love of entertaining and a wide range of emotion and presentation.

Mason filled the stage with his big band and bigger sound. It was a great mesh with Thomas Reschke on Drums, Taylor Gerber on Bass, Nick Ferrell on Acoustic Guitar, Caeland Garner on Dobro, Gregory Martin on Fiddle and Lainey Edwards vocals.

Mason played original tunes starting with The Last time I Let you Down, that was just him and his guitar.

Mason set ranged from romantic ballads and more up tempo songs. He comes across generally really enjoying engaging his audience and loving what he does.

He is a mix of Phil Vassar meets Keith Urban with a shot of George Straight but one of the best tricks he has up his sleeve is a wonderful clear falsetto that is clear sweet and enchanting.

The instrumental fills and full band does add to the musicality it is a pleasure to listen to the full sound that features each instrument with a great flow.

Mason had an appreciative audience with his smooth presentation, ability to connect with the audience and enjoy himself and the generosity to show how a each instrument can fill and add to an artists repertoire.

Mason has a website at:

Mad Donna's is a great place to enjoy a great freindly vibe with reasonably priced food and an extra large stage in the loft.

You can't beat the talent and the offerings for a night out in music city.


  • Rich Holland 5 years ago

    Mason Douglas is an amazing singer/songwriter!!

  • Lauren 5 years ago

    Great article! It was definitely a fantastic show! Mason is an amazing artist and his shows always rock!

    P.S. thanks again for sharing your table with us! :)

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