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Amy Bruni offers advice for new paranormal investigators

Amy Bruni
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Amy Bruni, paranormal investigator on “Ghost Hunters”, makes paranormal investigating look easy, but appearances can be deceiving. According to Amy’s Facebook post on March 30, real investigating is different from what we see on TV. She explains that the episodes of “Ghost Hunters” have been edited to bring viewers the highlights of an investigation, but that the work can be long and tiring. In fact, she says that new investigators should expect many hours of investigation with little results, particularly when they are learning the ropes.

Amy also makes the point that paranormal investigating should be viewed as a hobby and not a fulltime job and cautions anyone who thinks they can make a living as a paranormal investigator.

“As a matter of fact, you’re most likely going to spend copious amounts of money and time to sit in the dark and reap very few results,” explains Bruni.

Earning a living aside, Amy offers solid advice for the new paranormal investigator.

Setting the Groundwork

Amy recognizes that people want to become paranormal investigators for a variety of reasons, from dealing with their own paranormal experiences to the desire to help others. She recommends that anyone interested in becoming an investigator should read a variety of sources to learn all they can about the topic.

She suggests books by Troy Tailor, Loyd Auerbach, or Jeff Belanger to familiarize you with the field.

Once you’ve done some reading, Bruni says attending conferences held by local paranormal investigators is helpful.

Getting Started

Bruni recommends beginning with basic equipment like the recorder on your phone, a good flashlight and a digital camera. There is plenty of time for buying equipment if you decide to pursue your interests in the paranormal and become part of a paranormal investigation team, but for your initial excursions into investigating keep it simple and keep costs down.

Amy recommends beginning by investigating your own home or the home of a friend several times to learn the ropes of paranormal investigating. Investigating the same location over a long period increases your odds of capturing evidence of the paranormal and allows you to learn techniques and practice your skills in a familiar setting.

Bruni does not recommend starting your paranormal investigation team right away, but rather suggests you find existing teams in your area, as you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of an established team.

Developing Your Style

Amy notes that it is important to take note of the techniques that work best for you and to develop your own style of investigating. She suggests that you develop your own methods over time, based on what works and makes sense to you.

Amy refers to paranormal investigating as “ . . . a field for the patient, the curious, and the slightly odd,” and concludes “Those that live and breathe it will always be here, sitting in old abandoned buildings, talking to thin air and hoping for the faint whisper of an answer – even when the television shows have all been long gone.”

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