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Amy Adams and Garrett Hedlund in First Trailer for Euthanasia Drama, 'Lullaby'

The idea that a person has the "right to die" or commit voluntary euthanasia has been a hot button topic for a lot of years, with Doctor Kevorkian's name becoming synonymous with the issue. And we've seen some films tackle the subject in different ways; there was the Kevorkian biopic You Don't Know Jack, and even Clint Eastwood dealt with it in his boxing drama, Million Dollar Baby. An eternity ago Amy Adams, Garrett Hedlund, Richard Jenkins, Terrence Howard, Jennifer Hudson, and Jessica Brown-Findlay (Winter's Tale) came aboard Lullaby, a dramedy that would also deal with euthanasia. Nothing had been heard of it since but a trailer for it has quietly been released.

Garrett Hedlund strums away his feelings in 'Lullaby'

Marking the directorial debut of actor Andrew Levitas, the story centers on a family whose cancer-stricken patriarch (Jenkins) has made it known he wants to be taken off life support. Hedlund plays the estranged son struggling to cope with the decision. Fortunately he has a potential love interest in Adams to help get through the tough times ahead.

The cast is beyond reproach but there's no getting around how maudlin and cliche this looks. Perhaps that's why there's zero buzz surrounding it, and why Lullaby will be dumped unceremoniously into theaters on June 13th.

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