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Amur tiger, Nicole, dies at Oregon Zoo

One of the two Amur Tigers at the Oregon Zoo has died of what Zoo officials think was a seizure.
Oregon Zoo

On March 24 KATU reports that Nicole, one of the two Amur Tigers in the Oregon Zoo, has passed away from what officials say looks to be a seizure.

Staff responded to the tiger's pen when they discovered something to be wrong with Nicole but they couldn't save her. A necropsy will be performed to find out officially what caused her death, but at this point it looks to be a seizure. Nicole was 15-years old, older than most female tigers live.

Nicole was a favorite among Oregon Zoo going crowds, so she will be missed. In the past six months, several other animals have passed for various reasons at the Oregon Zoo. Most recently, an Orangutan, the zebras, and a sea lion.

Zoo goers are beginning to wonder if perhaps there is a plant or toxins being released from the construction in the area that is getting into the water or food supply that the animals are receiving.

Coming soon to the Oregon Zoo is a larger exhibit for the growing elephant population as well as California Condors. This creates a lot of construction in the area as things are expanded, built, and moved around.

What do you think is potentially killing off the animals of the Oregon Zoo?

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