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Amtrak Guest Rewards: Where passengers, points, and perks matter

Amtrak Guest Rewards members can earn 500 points for purchasing tickets in Acela Business Class and 750 points in First Class.
Amtrak Guest Rewards members can earn 500 points for purchasing tickets in Acela Business Class and 750 points in First Class.
David Kriso

Traveling by train is one of the greatest forms of transportation in the United States. For over forty years, Amtrak has been carrying millions of passengers from point A to point B, coast to coast, on a daily basis. To keep the passengers returning, Amtrak has to “reward” its avid passengers for their continued patronage. Since being introduced in 2001, Amtrak Guest Rewards has been a successful frequent travelers’ program. Passengers truly enjoy this program for the great advantages it provides. Over it’s thirteen-year history, Amtrak Guest Rewards has evolved into one of the most well-recognized frequent travel programs in the travel industry. What makes this program so profitable, passenger-friendly, and “rewarding” is straight forward. Here are the top five reasons why Amtrak Guest Rewards is a must-belong-to program for avid passengers nationwide.

5) Member and user-friendly: Amtrak Guest Rewards members can easily set up their membership profile via the internet at By logging in with a username and password, members can monitor their point balance and peruse all the ongoing deals and breaking news about what’s going on in the program. Members can also easily transfer, buy, and share points with other Amtrak Guest Rewards members. Unlike the airlines, Amtrak Guest Rewards is the most simple program to access via the internet. Even a person with a “one-track mind” can navigate the web site.

4) Financial Service Partners: Amtrak Guest Rewards is in partnership with Chase Bank. Passengers who do their banking with Chase and who have a Chase Ultimate Rewards account can consider themselves tremendously fortunate. They can transfer their Ultimate Rewards points to their Amtrak Guest Rewards account at a full 1:1 value. This means that 1,000 Ultimate Rewards points transfers to 1,000 Guest Rewards points.

One of the other great financial partners in the Amtrak Guest Rewards program is the Amtrak Guest Rewards MasterCard from Chase. The perks of the credit card are straight forward. The credit card allows avid Amtrak travelers to spend and earn every time, all the time. To start, cardholders earn one point for each dollar spent on everyday purchases. Secondly, cardholders earn two points per dollar on Amtrak travel. Thirdly, cardholders earn a 5% rebate when traveling on redeemed Amtrak Guest Rewards points. The forth reason is that there is no annual fee. There are even more advantages. Amtrak Guest Rewards points will not expire as long as members are cardholders. Last, but not least, Amtrak Guest Rewards offers a huge incentive. Amtrak Guest Rewards members instantly earn 12,000 points when applying for the credit card.

3) Exclusive deals: Amtrak Guest Rewards members and Amtrak Guest Rewards MasterCard credit card members are even more fortunate. There are great deals on other travel necessities, as well as with various Amtrak Guest Rewards merchant partners. Amtrak Guest Rewards is in partnership with United Airlines. Members can earn points on qualifying United Airlines flights when traveling on Amtrak to connect to Newark International Airport. Newark International Airport (EWR) is a major United Airlines hub.

There is a whole lot more to the Amtrak Guest Rewards point-earning craze. Members can also earn points when booking cruises through Amtrak Guest Rewards’s partnership with Travel Store. Travel Store features the Amtrak Cruise Concierge, which members can earn at least four points per dollar when booking any cruise with any cruise line. Additional information is available at

When it comes to shopping, Amtrak Guest Rewards credit card members are in greater luck. There are a handful of Amtrak Guest Rewards merchant partners who offer the highest points per dollar rates. Cardholders can earn five points per dollar when shopping at Macy’s and Nordstrom. Moving up the list, cardholders can earn six points per dollar when shopping at Walgreens or at any Sephora location. Further up the list, cardholders earn seven points per dollar when shopping online with is the country’s largest movie ticket-selling service, servicing 15,000 screens and 1,300 movie theaters. Second to most, Amtrak Guest Rewards credit cardholders earn eight points per dollar when shopping online at The top most recommended Amtrak Guest Rewards merchant partner is Cardholders earn fourteen points per dollar when purchasing subscriptions. When it comes to the expression, “shop til you drop”, Amtrak Guest Rewards credit card members truly earn a well-deserved shortcut. It is a shortcut to a free round-trip ticket or two, depending on how far Amtrak Guest Rewards members' train travel dreams take them.

2) Referral Benefits: No matter how many points Amtrak Guest Rewards members accumulate, there are never enough ways to earn points. Amtrak Guest Rewards features an incomparable referral program. Members earn 500 points for each person referred to joining the program. More importantly, those points will be earned as long as the person referred travels on Amtrak within 90 days of joining the program. To sweeten the deal, referrals are rewarded a bonus of 500 points for enrolling. Traveling by train is fun, but referring friends or family members to become a part of Amtrak’s passenger loyalty culture holds a far greater value.

1) Easy to earn, easy to redeem: Unlike the airlines and their many restrictions on when to redeem miles and where passengers can fly with miles, Amtrak Guest Rewards is nearly a no-strings-attached program. Amtrak Guest Rewards members earn two points per dollar on every Amtrak ticket purchase. There is a 100-point minimum on each trip, regardless of fare. Terms and conditions apply. Amtrak Guest Rewards members earn a greater amount of points when they book a trip aboard Amtrak’s Acela Express. Members earn 500 points when they book a ticket in Acela Business Class and 750 points when traveling in First Class. Members can also earn points when staying at any of Amtrak Guest Rewards hotel partners, such as Hilton, Wyndam, La Quinta Inn & Suites, and Hyatt.

Amtrak Guest Rewards is a great frequent passenger loyalty program, designed around a simple concept. The concept is to allow its members to earn free Amtrak travel fast. Traveling free from earning hundreds to thousands of points for being an avid Amtrak traveler is not the only reward. There are many others. There are also points earned from applying for and using the Amtrak Guest Rewards MasterCard from Chase. A membership gives avid Amtrak travelers the chance to earn points and participate with a variety of commercial partners. There are a vast range of exclusive deals and members-only promotions. Wherever Amtrak takes its loyal passengers, Amtrak Guest Rewards follows them in their “tracks”. Whatever the routes, the hotel, or department store, Amtrak Guest Rewards makes sure that there is a free train ticket waiting down the road. More importantly, if there are friends or relatives looking to travel by train more often and want to take that train ride of their desires, referrals are well-rewarded. Amtrak Guest Rewards is a program that serves not only the train-traveler-at-heart, but also the avoid cruiser and avid spender-at-heart, too.

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