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Amsoil AX kicks off in Worcester, MA this weekend Jan. 3, 4 & 5

Amsoil Arenacross featuring Ricky Carmichael's Road to Supercross will finally begin the anticipated 2014 series Friday January 3 for this three day event.

Four random fan get to participate in the mechanics challenge on both pro nights.
Four random fan get to participate in the mechanics challenge on both pro nights.
Glen C Hoffman
Josh Villarreal and Thomas Legleiter as last year's Amsoil AX in Baltimore, MD
Glen C Hoffman

This will be the first year that the younger riders moving up will earn points through this series to qualify themselves for a supercross endorsement. Only 3 points are needed but they have to be earned in the Arenacross Class with a minimum of 1 point at 3 different events as long as they are all earned in one season. This should not only prepare the next generation of riders for a smooth transition into the big stadiums of supercross it will surely attract a faster group on expert riders to the Amsoil Arenacross series.

Monster Energy Supercross is the most prestigious form of dirt bike racing in the world so for the Amsoil Arenacross series being a stepping stone to that highly coveted series we should only see the racing become better in the smaller arenas. That is not to say the racing wasn't excellent last year because it was. Yes, Tyler Bowers won the championship last year just as everyone suspected but it wasn't a runaway like some of his earlier championships. This was due to the multiple changes they made last year. Changes like the two main event format with the second main possibly being inverted. The winner of the first main chooses a case with a number in it. If the number is 16 the entire field is inverted for the start of the second main. If he chooses an 8 only the top eight are inverted and if he chooses the case with a zero they all line up like normal, from the results of the first main. If you didn't see any of the inverted races last year you really missed out.

The only change for this year is the mains will be 3 laps longer for two 15 lap mains. This means more racing when it counts. Of course there will still be the head-to-head races with the winner earning 1 point toward the championship. Those races were always exciting for the racers and the fans. And don't forget about the "Race to the Championship" where the points are reset for the top 10 in the Arenacross class after round 8 in Reno, NV. This tightens all those riders within 6 points of one another for the last four rounds of the series.

There is always a lot of racing and excitement at an Amsoil Arenacross event so don't miss your chance to visit a round nearest you in 2014. But if you do, don't worry you'll be able to watch the races on Fox Sports 1. And if you miss the first airing on Fox Sports 1 there is always a re-airing on Fox Sports 2. Check your local listings for dates and times or visit Fox Sports 1.

For the full schedule of all 13 rounds click here and for a full list of the AX rules click here.

Unfortunately there is no arenacross in Wilkes-Barre, PA this year nor in any other city in Pennsylvania for that matter, however, Baltimore, MD is still on the schedule and that always attracts a lot of PA fans and racers.