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Ampichino: The Devilz Rejectz-House of the Dead Interview

Devilz Rejectz: House of the Dead
Devilz Rejectz: House of the Dead
October 19, 2010

Akron, Ohio's Ampichino is part of Bay Area's The Regime, founded by The Luniz's Yukmouth. Ampichino has released a number of mixtapes and collaborated with Tech N9ne, Bobby Valentino, Gucci Mane, Houston rapper Devin the Dude as well as many artist from the Bay Area. LAHHE caught up with this very busy man to talk about his new release with one of his Bay Area partners, The Jacka.

LAHHE: The sequel to 2007’s The Devilz Rejectz: 36 Zipz, House of the Dead, drops on Oct. 19th what can we expect?
Ampichino: It will be a take off from where the first album ends, not glamorized street stuff. We like to tell both sides of the story in urban neighborhoods, it's gone be big.

LAHHE: You didn't release any videos for 36 Zipz, right? Are you going to release any for the new project?
Ampichino: No, none for first. But we plan on doing 3 or 4 videos for this one but we are so far apart. I'll be there later this month and we will probably shoot about 3 simultaneously up in the Bay.

LAHHE: When did you start rhyming?
Ampichino: I've been rhyming for years. I probably started around '86 just for fun, just as a hobby. I didn't get serious until about '99.

LAHHE: I saw an interview you did with Middle of the Map, you said that you were rhyming for free and would still do it for free? Is that still true?
Ampichino: I wanted more people to hear and understand where I was coming from, money is extra. It's about love of music and the art. I've put more money into it than I ever got from it. I'd still be doing it in some way in the basement or on a stage somewhere.

LAHHE: Is The Regime working on anything?
Ampichino: Me and Yuk are already working on a project, we're about 75% done. Then me and Yuk are working on another project...
LAHHE: So you are working on about 3 projects right now?
Ampichino: I'm really working on about 8 projects right now. Something with Killa Tay, Rich the Factor, me and Berner are putting out Traffic, D-Rek from Sacramento (Treal Shottaz) and The Regime. I'm multi-tasking. I'm always doing about 5 or 6 things at once.
LAHHE: You've gotta have a lot of material!
Ampichino: I like to stack up. I freestyle, got notebooks, Blackberry...

LAHHE: I like to know what kind of support system artists have around them, so who is your go to person? Who hears your new songs first?
Ampichino: Probably Young Bossi, one of my business partners. I don't like to say artists, anyone I work with I call my business partners. But he's gone keep it real. But about 99% of what I do is gone be on point.

LAHHE: 99%?

Ampichino: (laughs) Yea, people like about 99% but I only like about 10% of it because I always know I can do better so every song gets better.

LAHHE: Any future shows or tours?
Ampichino: I just had a show last night and we start a tour in November, it's like a new beginning. But I have some shows at the end of this month, so far I'm in Kansas City then Wichita.

LAHHE: What song, mixtape or album would you suggest someone that has never heard Ampichino listen to?
Ampichino: Probably, Devil's Rejects: 36 Zipz and that'll bring a good insight into what I do and what I create. But go get that Devil's Rejects: House of the Dead on October 19th. It's gone be big, watch us, Double F Records [Family First] it's gone be big.

Keep your eyes open for Ampichino, follow him on Twitter and click on the links to purchase albums.


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