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AMP Energy introduces shark surfing during shark week

This is the perfect addition to the infamous Shark Week which now includes the newest fake extreme sport: “Shark Surfing” in support of the new AMP Energy “No Bull. Just Energy.” campaign. In the video, extreme sport enthusiasts Josh and Damien are back to take on a second over-hyped sport. While the guys attempt to tame sharks on the high seas, MMA champion and long-time AMP Energy athlete Urijah Faber makes a special guest appearance and looks on at this new ‘sport’ as he can't believe what is his eyes are watching.

AMP Energy Introduces Shark Surfing Featuring Urijah Faber
AMP Energy

The brand recently launched its new campaign with a two-part video series introducing the fake extreme sport, Full Contact Skydiving which had America buzzing about whether or not the new sport was real or fake. The brand then revealed that Full Contact Skydiving was in fact a made up sport via a second video, letting consumers know that they shouldn’t buy the hype if they are looking for real energy from an energy drink. The two videos combined generated over 2.5 million views.

Shark Surfing is yet another reminder that while other energy drink brands focus on hype and extreme activities, AMP Energy is all about providing real energy without the hype.

For you Shark Week enthusiasts you can count on the fine people at the Discovery Channel to share their shark discoveries and fantasies as scientists tear their hair out over all the misleading claims about sharks that get splashed on TV.

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