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Amoebas and bacteria invasions make swimming no longer safe

Brain eating amoebas and flesh eating bacteria are lurking in the waters. In 2013 Officials found brain-eating amoebas in Louisiana Parish waters. The death toll in 2014 is on the rise across the US , and now flesh eating bacteria are killing people as well.

Our waters are just no longer safe for swimmers.
Spring Lee

This doesn't even take into consideration the pollutants and poisons in the waters today. For many years we have been told to conserve, stop pollution and things of that nature. In the name of progress those worries were lost to many thinking they would never see these effects in their lifetimes, but they were wrong.

We are holding on to the ways of days gone by. Many of us grew up swimming in lakes, oceans and rivers, but today the water is no longer safe. This is tragic, because there is no turning back the damages that have been done. It makes you wonder is seafood is really safe. I say this because it was just released that even local bayous are no longer safe for swimming. Anywhere the waters are muddy or warm the risk of infection is higher.

While going swimming in the waters today may be just fine for some, it is much like Russian roulette. One man just died from a skin eating bacteria he contracted from the gulf of Mexico, and a young girl died from a brain eating amoeba. Last year multiple lives were lost due to the same things.

What it comes down to is this. While you or your children may be fine if you go swimming, you are no longer swimming alone. There are not things you will see coming, and once infected the prognosis ids not good. The water is not safe anymore. The world has changed, and it is time we accept it for what it is.

This is very difficult for a lot of families just like mine. We have been several times to the beach in Lake Charles this year alone. The truth is the bottom is covered in a green stinky sludge. Some areas look black like oil. It is horrible, and though my child loves the water I think it is time to turn to public pools or nothing at all. The risks that come from open water swimming now is far too great.

Even with people dying regularly from these unseen monsters there are surprisingly a lot of people out there unaware of the dangers. We cannot afford denial any longer, and a Google search on "Flesh eating bacteria" or "brain eating amoebas" will tell you a tale too clear to deny.

It is said that the chances are one in a billion of becoming infected, but the numbers of cases are rising, and the odds don't seem so much in out favor anymore. Only three people in the US has survived this type of invasion.

While warm standing waters are the most dangerous, staying out of the open waters altogether is the only way to be sure than this will not happen to you or someone that you love. After all, if you could see them, like you would see a school of sharks, you wouldn't consider going in, and the fact is they are there. You just cannot see them.

Stay safe. Click here to go to ABC: Warm Weather Stirs Up Brain-Eating Amoeba Warning


Please note that in the Louisiana cases the amoeba were found in the Parish water supply!

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