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Amnesty supporters grasping at straws

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I saw this story earlier regarding a member of Congress from Arkansas. United States Representative Tim Griffin of the Arkansas 2nd Congressional District stated he was against the current Senate Bill. While I wish he would take a stronger stance against any path to legal status amnesty. Rep. Steve Womack, who had a very strong record against illegal immigration, was also targeted for an amnesty push a while ago simply because there was a large Hispanic population in his district.
I would urge Rep. Griffin to demand that an illegal alien must return to their homeland before they can behind the line of those waiting overseas to come here legally and to support self-deportation laws. To stop the current amnesty attempt, focus on other representatives. Rep. Griffin is currently running for Lt. Governor. State Representatives Andy Mayberry & Debra Hobbs are also running for the Republican Primary for Lt. Governor & have no record of supporting any path to legal status for illegal aliens.

Great photo regarding Obama’s release of illegal alien criminals was posted on the facebook group Stop Amnesty:

I wonder if Al Jazeera will do a documentary on the victims of illegal alien crime?