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Amnesty front group seeks to deceive conservatives into supporting amnesty

New group seeks to fool conservatives into support amnesty
New group seeks to fool conservatives into support amnesty web site screen shot

The latest push for so-called “comprehensive immigration reform,” known by many as amnesty for illegal immigrants, has become quite a slick campaign lead by groups of progressives and Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) including front groups that are seeking to sell the amnesty agenda to conservatives. This is why is so key when the progressive-RINO coalition in the United States Senate were able to co-opt Florida junior Senator Marco Rubio, who was elected in 2010 with strong TEA party and conservative support, to participate in the crafting of the amnesty bill in the Senate. This lead to many conservatives no longer trusting nor supporting Senator Rubio.

The liberal online newspaper, “The Huffington Post,” reported this past week that Tea Party Express co-founder Sal Russo has joined the ranks of conservatives who support amnesty. The newspaper reported Russo as saying, “Conservatives need to be engaged in the debate, and not just backed into the corner of saying, 'No, we're against it,” while Russo was, as The Huffington Post reported, “on a call with reporters that was hosted by Partnership for a New American Economy and Americans for Tax Reform. It also featured ATR President Grover Norquist, American Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas and Steve Case, founder of AOL, HuffPost's parent company. “

The alliance of progressives and RINOs is claiming conservatives support amnesty based on a recent poll cited by those groups.

The Huffington Post, in the above linked article, reported, “Tea Party Express, the Partnership for a New American Economy and Americans for Tax Reform commissioned a survey of 400 Republican primary voters, 72 percent of whom said they consider themselves conservative. The poll found majority support for immigration reform -- including allowing undocumented immigrants to become legal residents. Almost 70 percent said undocumented immigrants should be allowed to gain either legal status or citizenship, compared with only 25 percent who said they should be deported.”

Notice how this group of RINOs and allies uses the politically correct langauge of the far left, calling illegal immigrants by the left's euphemistic label, “undocumented immigrants.” They are no more “undocumented” that your local dope pusher is an “undocument pharmacist” selling illegal drugs. What part of illegal do these people not understand?

I”m sure I'm not the first to notice that Americans for Tax Reform under Norquist has been going RINO on issues not related to taxes, such as immigration and amnesty. Here's how Wikipedia describes the group Partnership for a New American Economy: “The Partnership for a New American Economy is a coalition of business leaders and mayors launched by Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch to influence public opinion and policymakers toward comprehensive immigration reform.” Clearly that is an organization created and supported by the same progressive/RINO coalition that seeks to defeat conservatives and sell us the snake oil bill of goods agenda of amnesty. Wikipedia also says of the group, that, “The partnership will seek to influence "by publishing studies, conducting polls, convening forums, and sponsoring public education campaigns.”

That is exactly what they are doing, selling a deceptive agenda of amnesty that they say to conservatives isn't amnesty when it really is, by publishing bogus studies, conducting skewed and misleading polls, and convening forums and “public education” campaigns to spread their snake oil propaganda.

The poll the RINO alliance cites, in the above Huffington Post article, is case in point here. They claim in that release that about 70 percent of conservatives and TEA party members agree with their amnesty agenda, but that is not entirely true. Question 4 from the same survey, when voters were asked among a list of issues to choose which is more important, very small single digits of all sectors of voters including Republicans and TEA party members, at 4.9 percent and 3.4 percent respectively, rank “immigration” in general as the most important issue. While it can not be assumed that all who rank the issue of highest importance are in favor of amnesty, because some can rank it most important and believe that the real issue of immigration is security our borders, it at least shows that among those ranking it highest priority and supporting amnesty, they are among the smallest minority of voters. In other words, there is little more support among the public for amensty than there is for destroying the economy to save us from the “global warming” hoax. When included in such polls asking about priority of issues, global warming/climate change consistantly ranks at the bottom.

The same bottom of all issues priority for immigration is seen in Quesiton 4 here in this part of the survey as well, where only 3.0 percent of TEA party members rank it the highest priority. When asked if the issue is important in and of itself, they get 71.2 percent of those same 400 TEA party respondents to agree, via Question 6. But the quesiton asked, is, “When you consider immigration reform, how important is it to you that Congress act on the issue this year?” they get 71.2 percent to agree, but that doesn't mean all 71.2 too percent agree with amnesty. It only means that most think the current system is broken and something needs to be done to fix it (namely secure the borders) but that something for most is NOT amnesty.

On question 7, when asked about a plan in Congress to secure the borders, 75.5 percent support that while only 18.2 percent oppose it. On Question 8, when the same 400 are asked if they support a 90 percent reduction in illegal immigration as well as e-verify and prohibiting immigrants from receiving welfare benefits, 79.5 percent agreed with that while only 14.6 disagreed. Question 8 asks if they support a plan including border security and essentially visas for some high skilled immigrants, and support drops to 68.5 percent for just that hint of amnesty.

On Question 13, they were asked if they support illegal immigrants being deported, granted legal status or citizenship. While only 25 percent favored them being deported, 34.2 percent supported giving illegal immigrants legal status (which allows them to work here but not vote, sorry Democrats no cheap votes from that) while only 35.5 percent wants them to get citizenship, which is the real amnesty. So there is the key number in this survey, only 35.5 percent of conservatives and TEA party members want the so-called “path to citizenship” for illegal immigrants. While the majority are against deporting them, clearly believing that deportation is an unrealistic option, they are strongly in favor of securing the borders so we stop letting any more illegal immigrants into the country, and they are heavily opposed to rewarding those who get here illegally with any kind of citizenship.

Clearly the analysis of this survey by the RINO alliance is not accurate based on this data, and even this survey they appear to have commmissioned, and are citing, doesn't show support among the public, or the conservative and TEA party movements, for amnesty. But the survey is part of an overall slick campaign seeking to deceptively sell conservatives on a brand of amnesty that they say is not really amnesty, that really is amnesty. Conservatives should fall for this bill of goods, and should remain steadfast in their opposition to ANY form of amnesty suggested by progressives and their RINO allies.

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