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Amnesty advocate says executive order on immigration a 'nuclear bomb'

Busloads of illegal aliens are shipped around the country by the Obama administration.
Busloads of illegal aliens are shipped around the country by the Obama administration.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

An advocate for giving illegal aliens legal status in the midst of the explosive crisis at the southern border stated late today that an executive order by Obama on immigration would be "a nuclear bomb." Ron Fournier of the National Journal told Fox News late Wednesday that if Obama addresses immigration policy unilaterally, the result will be an even more bitterly divided nation that is in direct contradiction to his own pledge to attempt to unite the country.

According to the National Review, Fournier believes that illegal aliens should be granted legal status. But he also believes that doing so by presidential executive order would be a major mistake, the worst possible method of going about addressing the problem at the border and the broader issue of longterm immigration policy.

Fournier stated,

He’s been a polarizing president, and this would be a nuclear bomb that would blow open and make this country even more divided in a way that most Americans just don’t want.

But Fournier was not the only moderate/liberal commentator to issue such a dire assessment of Obama's plan to address immigration by executive action. A.B. Stoddard of The Hill also appeared on the Fox panel late today and had cautionary words of warning for Obama. She stated that not only would an executive order on immigration create a damaging constitutional crisis but ignite such a firestorm of outrage that Democrats would lose even more seats in Congress than they expect to lose this November.

Numerous polls have shown that most Americans want current immigration laws enforced before any change or reform can be accepted. As long as the Obama administration, the Democrat controlled Senate, and the Republican leadership hijack all efforts to strictly enforce border security, build the border fence that was passed into law nearly 10 years ago, and use the full force of the Border Patrol, even the National Guard, to carefully guard the southern border to prevent illegals from entering the country, then no change in immigration policy will be accepted by most citizens. Deportations must be swift and irreversible. Then and only then will the citizens entertain the possibility that immigration laws be changed.

Citizen groups have also made it abundantly clear that if Obama makes changes on his own, illegally and without input from Congress, then he will plunge the nation into a civil war. Their numbers are growing. Not only are the patriots outraged by the assault on the nation from the south but so are black Americans and others who live in poverty. When they look at illegal aliens getting the best that America has to offer while they themselves live in squalor, there will be little or no sympathy for interlopers who come into the country only to get the freebies while many of our own citizens must live in abject poverty.

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