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‘Amish Mafia’ star goes to jail: Discovery Channel actors scolded by judge

Amish Mafia star goes to jail after repeat citations
Amish Mafia star goes to jail after repeat citations
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The fans of “Amish Mafia” know the series is loosely based on truth, but it appears that the stars of the popular show are having trouble distinguishing being a character and being an individual off camera. While breaking the law for most folks is a big deal, John Schmucker has received 10 citations for driving on a suspended license and was sent to jail for three months for his criminal charges. According to Enstarz on Friday, the judge was very upset that the actor did not understand that the offense was serious and kept driving even though he was cited repeatedly.

He wasn't the only “Amish Mafia” star who was lectured in court. According to Lancaster Online, actress Esther Schmucker was also spoken to about her actions. The Lancaster County judge, Dennis Reinaker, sentenced her former boyfriend and suggested he would have liked to put her in Lancaster County Jail too. Fortunately for Schumucker, she wasn't the individual in court so she only had to listen to the judge be angered instead of worrying about being put in jail.

The cast of “Amish Mafia” has not made any friends in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania community. Between consistently calling out the fake story in the newspaper to the Amish community suggesting they want no more of the fake documentary, the cast mostly works within the confinement of the story that is presented to them. Most viewers assume it is a script based show, but Discovery bills the program as a reality show.

There has been no announcement of when the upcoming fourth season of the show will air. Currently in production, there are rumors that Esther Schmucker might be pregnant, looking to get married to Levi and there is even talk that John will be starting his own group in the Amish community (after he gets out of jail, of course.)