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‘Amish Mafia’ spoilers: Levi goes to Atlantic City? Secret life revealed

The fans of “Amish Mafia” are going to be shocked to hear where Levi has decided to go for a weekend. After telling everyone he was going to a charity event, it appears the man in charge headed to a more glitzy place that most people in the Amish culture wouldn’t be comfortable visiting. This “Amish Mafia” spoiler is for the upcoming episode of the popular show about the Amish community in Pennsylvania. According to Discovery on Monday, the latest clip reveals that Levi has a love for the ladies and hangs in a place that would shock anyone who thinks about the culture of the Amish community.

"Wait til he comes back from WHERE?" Get your first look at the new episode,” wrote Amish Mafia from the show’s official Facebook page on Monday. The fans hear that the next in command can’t help the community, but what is even more shocking.

Levi’s underlings announced that the star is going to Atlantic City instead of a charity function. Looking to have a little fun, this announcement is met with shock and most fans know the secret will cause trouble for Levi. Even the producers were surprised as they secretly followed the man to an unknown house and picked up a lady for the trip.

Will Levi recover after the true location of his trip is revealed to the community? Maybe not, but it appears that the reality star can buy off everyone who knows this detail so he doesn’t really need to worry.

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