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'Amish Mafia' smokes out ‘De Rott’ on Discovery Channel

Tonight’s episode of "Amish Mafia," was titled “De Rott.” The episode begins, where it left off last week, with Jolin and Alvin pulled over by the police in Kentucky. The policeman checked them out and sent them on their way. He told them to slow down, as he did not want to see them speeding again.

Amish Buggy like those seen on Amish Mafia
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

In Philadelphia, Caleb takes Big Steve to the airport, where he will fly for the first time to Iowa to bring back a woman’s daughter. Caleb is surprised that Levi would send Steve on an airplane, especially since he probably never left Lancaster before.

In Ohio, where the producers have been secretly following Wayne, he went to an English house for several days where he met with a woman. As the producer spies on him, he hears him tell her that because he is the head of Amish Aid, he cannot be seen with an English girl. She will have to convert if she wants to be with him. She asks if she has to wear the dresses and bonnet, and he tells her yes. In order to convert, a person must request this to the bishop, confess their sins and continue the Amish lifestyle for at least a year, and you must learn Dutch. When asked how much time she had, he told her she must make the decision soon, or if he is found out, he could lose everything.

Levi comes to Esther’s door and asks her how she likes her new home? She likes it very much and is grateful. As she asks him if he wants to come inside, the producer tells them to hold on a minute. While filming in Lancaster, the production crew noticed a suspicious vehicle following them. When calls to the police went unanswered, the crew decided to approach the vehicle. When they did, the vehicle took off quickly.

In Ohio, Merlin stated that he knew about Wayne’s secret girlfriend for a long time. Merlin put aluminum siding on his girlfriend’s parents’ house and he has been a family friend of hers for a long time. Her name is Karrie and she knows that Wayne does not like Merlin. Merlin took her for a buggy ride, which she has not done since she was a child. Merlin told Karrie that when you take a girl in a buggy, it is important to use your body heat to keep her warm. She stated that Merlin has known her family for a very long time, but he has always been flirtatious with her. When she realized that he wanted more than a buggy ride, she asked him to take her home.

As Caleb is working on his farm, a woman approaches in her buggy, telling him that English kids were throwing mud at her buggy. The buggy is covered in mud and she tells him one of the kids has a red coat on. Caleb gets in his truck and searches for them. This is not the first time this happened, but he wants to make sure it is the last. Caleb took the person and strung them up in a rope basket and hung him from the rafter of the barn. When the producer asked him if he thought he would tell his friends, Caleb told him that somebody has to get him down.

Steve sat next to a pretty woman on the plane and as she saw him coming down the aisle, she hoped he was not going to sit next to her because he was so tall.

Levi is on his way to see Caleb. He has been hearing that he has done things Levi did not know about, and he feels it is not a good thing. Caleb sprayed manure on a farmer and hung up a mud-throwing prankster. Caleb has an envelope of money for Levi, so if he is in trouble, the money should make it all better. Levi was happy to get the money, and assigned Caleb to a field party deep into the woods, and relieved him of collections for a while.

Producers got word that John Schmucker was meeting with local police after being issued a citation. As John and attorney Steven Breit were leaving the station, they asked if they could speak with him. He told them it has been a long morning and they both were stressed out, as they were looking at some serious things here. He asked them to give John some privacy.

On the airplane, Steve had a brown bag with cheese and sausage that he was eating. He offered some the young woman, but she refused. He told passengers next to him that Lebanon Levi sent him to do a job. They wished him luck. In Washington County, Iowa, Steve got in a taxi and gave the driver the address on a sheet of paper.

Paul Castline received word that Levi will be meeting with other individuals from outside the area. He is on his way to meet with someone who is power-hungry and has information that could hurt the organization. Then he knocked on a door and John answered. John told him that there were no warrants out for him, and he told him that it would be helpful to him if he spoke with him. John hates Castline and has a long history with him. John tells him that he knows he wants him to rat on someone, and he is not “De Rott.” He asked John about Levi meeting with Amish from out of town, but John would tell him nothing.

When Big Steve arrives, he tells the cab driver to stay outside, and he will be right out. Steve pounded on the door and yelled to Sarah who was inside. Then he went in and took her by the hand and they both took off in the taxi.

As the buggies arrive with the church elders, Levi states that the last meeting in Lancaster was back when Esther’s father was in charge. Wayne arrived for the meeting, and now he gets to attend. At prior meetings, he remained in the car while Merlin attended. Under condition of anonymity, producers were able to convince one member of the meeting to keep a microphone on. As the chairman spoke, he welcomed everyone to the Leaders Meeting from different states. Dave from Iowa, Tindle Thomas, from South Dakota, Amos from Wisconsin, Wayne from Ohio, Lebanon Levi. He stated he was expecting Paul Miller from Kentucky, and asked if anyone knew where he was?

He further stated that they were there to talk about something that was threatening their culture and their beliefs. Lebanon Levi, you have allowed devil cameras into people’s homes and straying from God’s path. Levi asked what he was talking about? The chairman told him he was showing too much about how the Amish are living like the English. He is doing work for the devil on the television. Levi stated he was not doing anything to surprise anyone. But the chairman berated him for being vain. The English people won’t buy their Amish goods and they are losing money. Levi countered by telling them that he was making money like he always did and was helping the community. He stated that the people see him on his cell phone and driving a nice car. The English people think they all do the same. Then Levi told him; you all do the same thing, and they cannot blame him. He then told them that the people see them on their phones in their community. He then told Levi that he hoped in the community, he was like the Amish people wanted him to be. The police and law enforcements are coming around more often and it is troubling to the people were are looking out for. If Mr. Schmucker was still alive and running Lancaster, he would never do anything like this. He would never have thought about going on television. He would never have let the Amish people see him do anything other than do Amish things. Those were the days when it was much better for them.

Levi then told him that he had no right to say those things to him, as he was doing nothing but helping his community. The chairman told him that he would be keeping an eye on him and warning him to no longer do this.

As Levi stormed out of the meeting, he told the camera that he was tired of hearing about Mr. Schmucker, and did not care what he did.

John was headed to Mr. Breit’s office to speak with him and give him the rundown on what could transpire in the court. Breit told him that the situation he got himself into could cost him serious jail time. He had choices, he could go to jail or cooperate. When the producer asked him what he was going to do, he did not know.

John does not want to go to prison, and decided to get closer to Levi so he can keep an eye on him. Esther did not tell Levi about John staying there. He must lay low, because if Levi finds out John is there before Esther tells him, she could be in trouble.

John gives Esther an ultimatum; either she gets him back in Levi’s good graces, or he tells him about her double life. The last thing Esther wants anybody to know is she lives a double life, as John tells the camera. John allowed producers to view a home video of Esther, where she and another woman were dressed like the English and were going out to drink and be with men.

Merlin wants to bring something to Wayne’s girlfriend, a peacock feather, something traditional to Amish dating. Caleb described it as the intention of parking one’s buggy in her garage. Wayne’s girlfriend may not know the tradition of the peacock feather, but she will find out.

Esther came to see Levi to tell him that John was back in town. She asked Levi to give him a second chance and then she left.

At 10:30 p.m. a bonfire was burning in a field as hundreds of teenagers gathered as Caleb’s collected money from the kids, he fed them alcohol and watched them do keg stands and smoking pot. Girls were kissing girls as everyone cheered and watched. Suddenly, sirens and flashing lights appeared as everyone scattered.

Esther goes to a house that is being built to speak with Levi. Levi will take him back, but he will be doing the lowest form of work until Levi can trust him again. Esther believes he can get Levi to do anything she wants.

John met with Castline and the info he gave about the field party was correct, but John truly does not want to be an informant.

In Ohio, Wayne goes to visit his girlfriend and saw the peacock feather. She told him Merlin gave it to her, and she did not know about the intent. Wayne plans to strike fast before Amish Aid is taken away from him. Amish dating English is strictly forbidden, and violators will be shunned.

Levi is at a job, and Castline continues to track him. Even the producer does not understand how Levi is being found. When Levi stopped by his car, he saw a video camera and asked why he was videoing him as the episode ended.

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