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'Amish Mafia' sees the ‘End of Days’ part 2 of 2 on Discovery Channel

Last night’s season finale episode of "Amish Mafia," titled “End of Days,” saw Lebanon Levi heed the warning of his attorney, Steven Breit to cut ties with Discovery Channel by putting an end to the filming of the show. Before the declaration was made, the episode was dedicated to putting an end to the English people who corrupt the Amish.

Is this the end of Amish Mafia?
Discovery Channel

As this episode continues the narrator relates that there is no greater taboo, than sexual relations outside of marriage and Levi used this as a weapon upon those who stood in his way. Alan relates that Levi has extorted many Amish men with sexual allegations. The production crew found out that the man who was extorting others, had his own voracious sexual appetite. They asked the private investigator if he was aware that Levi was cheating? He most certainly was aware that he was cheating with multiple women and gave the producers access to hours of footage of Levi’s girlfriends. When they questioned one woman and asked her if she was aware that Levi had other girlfriends, she said she heard about it, but did not believe it. Another woman stated that he planned to leave the Amish community for her. When Esther confronted him in Atlantic City, she only scraped the surface of his infidelity.

Producers believe that nobody on the show has been through more heartache than Esther Schmucker. The producers found a lovely home that was the one time residence of the Schmucker family where Esther was raised with her four brothers. But her father died while she was a young child and her family lost everything. Instead of growing up as Amish royalty, she was forced to grow up on her guile and wits. Once Esther became a sort of celebrity because of the show, she started assimilating into the English world. In unseen footage, she and her girlfriends are seen trying on bathing suits. The producers noticed that Esther got rid of her glasses and started wearing contacts, makeup and letting her hair down. She rented an English apartment, starting wearing English clothes and going with English men.

She loved the celebrity the show gave her and how the English men loved her, but the show also empowered Levi, and she knew if she married him, she could be the power behind the throne of Amish Aid. She would do just about anything to gain that status, including sacrificing her brothers to please Levi. But one night the both worlds she lived in came crashing down on her when she was viciously beaten by an English boyfriend. After this happened, the Amish realized that all of this happened because of the English. This action propelled an all out war by the Amish Mafia against the English who corrupt the Amish people. From the beginning, the producers realized they gained access to the inner workings of an organization fueled by money, violence and power and the producers felt increasingly uneasy about their own safety. One producer stated that these people were doing things on camera that he had never seen done before and it was pretty disturbing. The audio engineer noticed a subtle change after the first month of shooting. Levi insisted on more privacy, would not let them film conversations he was having with his guys, but they had sophisticated equipment that allowed them to shoot without them even knowing. The situation started to deteriorate on December 11, 2012. This was the premiere of the series and when they discovered that the show was not called Amish Aid, but "Amish Mafia." They made it a point to let them know that they were very angry with them. Several cameramen and sound people left the production because they feared for their lives. Extra security had to be hired to protect the crews.

As Levi and his crew became celebrities, the initial tension died down and the production crews were allowed to witness the inner workings of Amish Aid. With this popularity, the producer was amazed at the things they let them film; the fires, retaliation methods and other lawlessness. But everything changed when Esther got attacked. Her double life came back to haunt her in a horrible way. From that day on, the crew was treated differently, after all, they were English. John told production that they had little respect for them, unlike the beginning.

The fractured relationship finally shattered on February 25, 2014, when the producers were lured into an abandoned barn. What happened after that was completely unexpected by production. They were terrified, as nobody knew where they were, and guns and weapons were present. That was the last bit of communication with the cast.

Levi did allow his attorney, Steven Breit to talk with the producers. Breit has been intimately involved with all aspects of Amish Aid. As the crew filmed him at the courthouse, he had a cease and desist order for Discovery Channel and planned to use it. On the day after the cast resigned, he served Discovery Channel with the order to no longer film any of the cast.

He did however, allow the producers to question him while filming the interview. He stated that Levi and his crew never had a moment to themselves. Even when they were told to turn the cameras off, they kept rolling. Breit warned the Amish from the beginning not to agree to this, but they were led to believe that the portrayal of Amish Aid would be a good thing. Levi believed that they as members of the English world would portray him in a way that would be favorable and they are no better than other members of the English world that exploit the Amish. He stated they did not even know the name of the show until it aired. By calling it Amish Mafia, none of them trust the producers and crews. Their show has practically ruined Amish Aid. Lately Levi spent time policing the production than helping the community. Breit then told them they did not get it. The producer wanted clarification of that statement, but Breit told them they had no clue what power they were dealing with. When asked what kind of power he meant, he told them that they worked with these people and knew what they were dealing with. He suggested they did not overstep their bounds any longer. The producer asked him if he was threatening them? He just stared at them and walked out, without saying another word.

In never seen footage, Merlin went to Washington, D.C., to press for Amish rights. He professed that if Abraham Lincoln was alive today, he would be Amish and expected the entire country to be Amish.

After over a month of ceasing production, the cast has futilely attempted to contact the crew, but all calls went unanswered. The producers requested private interviews with those who would speak on the record. Sean Hall, the private investigator hired by the bishops, was surprised that the bishops would continue to pay him, but he was wrong. Levi and his crew are operating under the radar. Sean believes that they are putting on a show for his benefit and attempting to act they way one would expect, knowing that they would take it back to the Amish leaders.

Paul Castline stated it was pretty quiet around the county and they have not see too much of Levi and his crew. He feels that they are laying low, so as not to attract attention to themselves until things blow over. He feels that when they want to pop back up, he will be waiting.

Alan has heard that Jolin has been summoned by the Mennonite community in Penn Yan, N.Y. to run a Mennonite Aid for them. He knows the Amish will never let him run their organization.

When asked if Sean had anything on Merlin, he told them that he saw someone who looked like him in Indiana, but he was pretty banged up, and not totally sure it was Merlin, if not, he is not sure if he is still alive.

With Wayne marrying Karrie, there is no way to find out who is running Amish Aid in Holmes County, Ohio. The Amish church has steered clear of the English, especially the Discovery Channel and it is doubtful if anyone will ever find out.

When the producers asked what he knew about Esther, he said it is tricky to talk about. The elders wanted him to give extra attention to Esther because he believes that the Schmucker family and their play for power is an issue. It looks like Esther may have left the community for good. She has not shown up for church in a while and her quilt shop has been closed for weeks. He spotted her a few times, always in English clothes with her English friends.

They asked if the elders wanted him to continue working for them, and he replied that they want him to find Harvey Schmucker. He is Esther and John’s older brother. Sean was asked to go to North Dakota to investigate his whereabouts. He has been locked up for the last two years in a mental institution. He has intermittent explosive disorder, which makes him dangerous, aggressive and unpredictable. This guy would make Freeman look like a pussy cat. Alan relates that Harvey was just a bit older than him and the teachers were afraid for their lives when they were in school. After the fifth grade, the Schmucker family kept him at home. Sean has heard that he escaped and may be coming to Lancaster and targeting the producer and crew because of what they did to his sister. Paul Castline believes that Harvey could be the number one threat to peace in Lancaster County. The elders want Sean to keep an eye on him and his whereabouts and by all means, not to lose him. They consider him to be the most dangerous threat to the Amish world right now.

The narrator stated that during the course of this program, producers have documented the existence of a real violent criminal organization that earns millions of dollars annually operating in the shadows of the Amish community. One question that has not been answered; will the Amish Mafia television show continue? No one can predict that right now, however, with the future of the program very much in doubt, it is certain that a dark storm is coming to Lancaster County, even if there are no cameras to record it.

The last frame of the show was a quote from the Bible: “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet.” Matthew 24:6

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