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'Amish Mafia' season finale spoilers: Cast threatens producers with guns, bats

Amish Mafia
Amish Mafia
Amish Mafia/Discovery

Amish Mafia fans might be surprised to see the cast and the production crew goes against each other on the season finale. While there has always been friction between the two entities, but it comes to a boil and the crew faces down danger. According to Lebanon Daily News on Monday, a shocking rebellion will play out on the Amish Mafia season 3 finale.

“We are not filming no more, I am done with you,” said Lebanon Levi in the new video clip. The leader of the group is looking at going to jail. So are other parts of his crew. With the cops looking at crimes in the area, it appears that the cast is looking at trouble. Of course, the first place to lay blame is on the “English” crew. It appears that there is some serious misdirected anger.

Which brings the fans to the most disturbing part of the sneak peek when the cast confronts the production crew and pulls out a gun along with bats. Reminding the cast that there was no reason to get violent, there seemed to be an issue that escalated quickly and spiraled out of control.

The Amish Mafia fans who worry that the show won’t be returning should fear not. The channel has confirmed a season four is in the works. Hopefully that will include the same cast and crew, and a few less weapons.