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'Amish Mafia' locates ‘The Bear’ on Discovery Channel

Amish Mafia
Amish Mafia
Discovery Channel

Last night’s episode of "Amish Mafia," was titled “The Bear.” The episode begins, in Indiana, where Merlin has located the most feared man among the Indiana Amish; the Bear. By the looks of him, he is frail and elderly, but is feared.

In Wisconsin, Jolin is on his mission to clean up the town and restore their faith in Amish Aid. A woman comes to Jolin for help because she bought a blue light from an English hardware store for her very sick child, but it does not work. The Amish are subject to a very rare liver disease called Crigler-Najjar Syndrome, where the liver does not rid itself of toxicity. By using a blue light for several hours a day, a baby with this disease can eliminate the toxins, and is one of the very few times the bishop will allow electricity in an Amish home. Often the Amish are taken advantage of by the English, because they have nobody to go to for help.

In Lancaster, Levi is driving when he comes to see Alvin. Levi tells him that he is leaving town because a private investigator is following him and taking videos. He told Levi that he was hired by a private party to investigate him. Now everywhere Levi goes; this man is there. As Levi talks with Alvin, he drives by again. Now they do not know if he has bugged someone or another party is leaking information to him.

A sign offering Amish Buggy Rides has been spotted by Caleb and Big Steve. These are English people posing as Amish and charging for these rides. As the producer asks Caleb where they are going, he tells him that they are trying to catch up to a man pretending to be Amish giving rides to tourists. As they try to converse with the man in Dutch, he has no idea what they are saying to him. When Big Steve asked him if he had sex with his horse; he replied yes. So Steve took the reins and continued the ride, as Caleb took the whip and used it on the man. He said he would call the police, but Caleb just laughed. When the ride ended, the tourists proclaimed that it was the best buggy ride ever!

In Ohio, Wayne is feeding his chickens when a woman comes to talk to him. She tells him someone is stealing her newspapers, and she believes it is an English person. He promises to take care of it.

In Wisconsin, Jolin is prepared to visit the man with the hardware store. First, he sends in two guys who are told they cannot get their money back without a proof they bought them. He stated they were UV lights, but when they again told him they did not work; he refused to give the money back. When they went out and told Jolin, he told them that the first rule is not to take no for an answer and went back inside with the men. As he resisted giving the money back, Jolin went to look at the lights; they were painted blue and not actually ultraviolet lights. Jolin broke all the lights as the man told him to stop and pulled out money from the cash register. No wonder the kids were not getting better; how tragic.

In Indiana, as Merlin listened to Bear play his fiddle. The man sat in a wheelchair, and Merlin told him he wanted to work with him. He told Bear he could do something for him if he gave him the help he needed. Bear told him he did not need his help. Merlin asked him if he could walk? He told him that he built an empire sitting in the wheelchair. Merlin told him that he was a healer and could help him walk again. Merlin just had to convince him. Then he asked what kind of help he wanted from him, and he told him he wanted to shut down Lebanon Levi with him. He told him that he was hungry for power, but if he could heal him, he would help him take Levi down. Merlin told him that anyone he did not heal, was because they did not have faith, but Bear told him that he better have the faith!

In Ohio, Wayne goes to watch over the newspaper stand, a job he would normally have sent someone else to do. He put Karrie in hiding and now will be staying on the straight and narrow for a while. He does not want to lose Amish Aid.

In Lancaster, Levi calls Esther to tell her he is going to Missouri, and if she needs anything to see Alvin. When John meets with Castline, he tells him to get in the car, but John knows that if anyone saw him and told Levi, he would be as good as dead. Then he tells John that he needs more than spoiled milk or a beer party.

In Ohio, Wayne is watching for the newspaper thief. When he spotted the man, he gave chase, as he dropped the newspapers, producers remained in the truck. Wayne returned 25 minutes later with the newspapers. When the producer asked what happened to the man who took the papers, he told them that it was nothing they would read about in the newspapers.

In Lancaster, Levi puts his suitcase in his trunk.

In Indiana, Merlin is about to heal the Bear. As he had him lie down in a field, on a blanket, he lit fires around him and prayed for the Lord to heal him. He laid hands over him and continued to pray. Merlin knows he will be walking off a cliff if the Bear is not healed.

In Wisconsin, Jolin is still conducting business for the people. A woman came to ask Jolin what was in a small plastic bag. A carrier pigeon drops this off to her son’s room every few days. Amish farmers have been using carrier pigeons for years. This was their method of communication. Now Amish drug dealers are using pigeons to send the wrong message. Jolin offers to speak with her son. He assures her that he will not hurt him, and she agrees.

In Lancaster, Esther goes to Alvin, as Levi told her if she needed anything. She needs money for John’s lawyer, but he has no money. Then he tells her to wait until he returns from Atlantic City. He told her he was going to Missouri, now she knows he is lying to her.

As the producer follows Levi, he stops and picks up a woman who puts her bag in the back seat and gets in the front seat of Levi’s car. The producer says to keep driving. As Esther starts packing her clothes, she is angry and is going to Atlantic City to find Levi.

Jolin goes to the child to take care of the drug-dealing pigeon. As Jolin searches the kid’s room, he finds more drugs. He also found a cell phone, so Jolin made him call and ask for more. When the pigeon arrived, he told him to take him to the guy who sent the pigeon.

As Merlin is praying as hard as he can, the Bear’s men now want to break Merlin’s legs, as they carry the Bear, who has not yet taken a step.

In Lancaster, John meets with Castline again. John just heard from his lawyer, who has not heard a thing about him helping John. Castline tells John he never promised him anything. Now he tells John that they know more than he thinks they do, and what John gave him was not hard to come by. He wants something big. Then he told John that he knew Esther is stepping out into the English world. John then told him that he was breaking all ties with him, because he is probably going to jail anyway.

In Wisconsin, Jolin found the source of the marijuana. He let all the pigeons fly away and set fire to the greenhouses.

In Atlantic City, Esther is walking down the street and knows exactly where to find Levi, because he always stays at the same place. She may be Amish, but she is not going to be lied to like the other Amish women. She tells the desk clerk she is his woman, and because she is Amish, does not have identification. When she procures the room number, she goes up to the penthouse to knock on the door. When a woman opens the door, Esther is livid. She comes in and finds Levi, who tells her he wants nothing to do with her and is only pleasing the church by marrying her. He also said he never wanted anything to do with her in the first place. He told her that she used him and betrayed him, and now he is doing it to her. He confessed that she was using him to get her family’s name back, and he stated he knew it all along. She never wants to see him again, but that will be determined on the next episode, so stay tuned.

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