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'Amish Mafia' is ‘Joining the Flock’ on Discovery Channel

Tonight’s episode of "Amish Mafia," was titled “Joining the Flock.” The episode begins, where it left off last week, as Levi proclaims that he bishop denied him the blessing so that he could marry Esther. As Levi is on his way to meet with a church elder, he hopes he will be able to convince the bishop to allow him to get married. In August 2012, Levi came into possession of photographs of a member of the church in a compromising position. Levi agreed not to turn over the photographs in exchange for the transfer of several businesses to him. Now Levi needs a favor after promising never to mention the photographs again.

In Indiana, Caleb is throwing a party with Flip who waits until the kids get drunk to collect money, because they usually pay more when intoxicated. As they are about to hop into a limo, Caleb stays behind to fool around with an Amish girl. Although Flip may be upset that Caleb did not leave with him, he is happy to be without Levi breathing down his neck.

In Ohio, Merlin believes that God wants him to become a witch doctor, where he will have more power in the community than Wayne as he chants his prayers in a loud voice.

In Lancaster, John is disturbed and insulted that Levi sent him on a job to be a construction foreman. John is a Schmucker and now believes that it is time for Levi and the rest of the community to respect him. When Levi pulls up to Esther’s house, with Alvin, John is on the porch. John tells him how he made him look like a fool, but Levi disagrees and tells him that it is John, who makes himself look like a fool.

Wayne knows that it was Ruck who sent his truck into the lake and has his own way of getting even. He pulls up to Ruck’s trailer with another truck and several Amish men as they hitch the trailer to the truck.

In Lancaster, the police pull up with sirens blasting. On October 14, 2013, the West Hempfield Township police attempted to question Levi and his crew. The producer asked Levi, Jolin and Alvin if they did anything wrong? The police stayed for a while, then left.

In Ohio, Ruck comes to see Merlin, who claims to have had a vision and wants Ruck to connect him with certain people to teach him the art of witchcraft. Merlin got Ruck unshunned and now wants him to connect him with people on the outskirts of the community, but Ruck knows how dangerous that can be. Merlin feels that he has been called and then reminds Ruck that he owes him.

In Indiana, the limo party is going strong and kids are getting drunk, as the limo drives into a place where the church, police and the community. As the limo stops, another vehicle appears and orders everyone out of the limo and starts breaking the windows. A voice tells them that they burned their shed, now they will destroy their limo. The warning is to tell Levi that the Bear said stay away from Indiana, as the limo goes up in smoke.

The approval to get married was hand-delivered to Levi almost immediately.

In Ohio, after moving the trailer to another location, Wayne makes a new home for his piglets, as they load several into Ruck’s trailer. True to his word, Ruck sent Merlin to the outskirts to meet with the witches.

In Indiana, Flip is walking alone to a pay phone. As he awaits a call from Levi, he tells him that five guys destroyed Levi’s limo. He admitted that he and Caleb messed up. They stole the Bear’s liquor and burned his shed. The Bear is supposed to be the most feared Amish man in the world. Legend has it that he is seven feet tall and wide as an ox, that he does not have horses on his farm, and pulls the plow himself. Levi then told Flip that he is to send Caleb home, and that Flip is on his own. So Flip put in a call to Merlin.

In Lancaster, Levi is dressed in his finest attire to present the papers to Esther. She was surprised that he pulled it off, now she can get Amish Aid back in her family.

In Ohio, Wayne got word that English guys are running an arcade that Amish kids are going to. When Wayne went in, he sent the Amish kids away, then told the man not to let the kids in there. He would not make promises and told Wayne to mind his own business. So he came back in with a sledgehammer and busted up the games.

Levi met with Jolin in a field to tell him that the Amish in Wisconsin were having crimes committed against them. Jolin agrees to go there and restore the peace to the not so peaceful community.

As a tradition, the intended groom attended a meal at the bride’s home. Her mother asked about bundling, but Esther stated that it was not something to discuss at the table. She asked if they had any travel plans, and Levi stated that he was going to Missouri to help set up Amish Aid there. Esther stated that her mother knew more about Amish Aid than Levi will ever know. She learned everything from Esther’s father. She even asked Levi to give John a better job. Now he has both Esther and his mother fighting his battles.

John and Big Steve met with Levi the next day at a barn. Levi wants to have a beer viewing there. He wants no English to know about this, and especially the police. So he has them make the arrangements.

In Ohio, Merlin plans to have a powerful man from Indiana take out Wayne. He is seeking the help of the Bear and wants Andrew to help him by advising the bishop that Wayne is trying to convert an English woman to Amish, and that she is Wayne’s girlfriend who he has been sleeping with. Andrew is fearful that if Wayne finds out, he will destroy him and his family, but Merlin just had him become a preacher.

In Lancaster, John meets with Castline to tell him of the beer viewing, but is vague as to what he can do to help John’s pending criminal charges.

As word has spread that the Bear has given Levi a taste of his own medicine, Merlin goes searching for the Bear in Indiana. As he asks people how he can locate him, they walk away from him.

In Ohio, Andrew meets with the bishop to give him the information about Wayne. When Wayne was confronted by the bishop about leading a double life, Andrew was Wayne’s first suspect.

In Wisconsin, Jolin meets with some Amish men. They knew Levi was sending Jolin there because the former leader too off with people’s money and left them with no leadership. Now Levi finds a great way to take over there, and Jolin is the right guy to pave the way. Jolin orders the men to clean the deserted barn and get him a desk and chair. Now people can come to him for help, as by the looks of things, help is most certainly needed. Although Jolin is Mennonite, the Amish will never accept him as a true leader, but because he was sent by Levi, they will respect him.

As Levi sets up the beer viewing and charges $5 a person, Castline is in the area on the tip from John. Castline advises viewers that the selling of beer is considered bootlegging. He also showed how lookouts stand in the middle of a field looking for law enforcement in the area. As the lookout set some bales of hay on fire, Levi started packing up his beer and told everyone they had to leave. When Castline showed up, Levi denied his actions and before Castline left, he told Levi that he was watching him, so he had better beware of his every move. Then he looked at John and Big Steve and asked them how the police found out?

In Indiana, Merlin is still looking for the Bear. He is getting closer as he used a code phrase to let another Amish man know his intentions were good.

John’s lawyer wanted to meet with him today. He told him about the upcoming trial, which John thought would be dismissed due to his cooperation with Castline; however, his lawyer had no such information.

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