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'Amish Mafia' finds out about ‘Doppel Leben’ on Discovery Channel

Amish Mafia
Amish Mafia
Discovery Channel

Tonight’s episode of "Amish Mafia," was titled “Doppel Leben (Double Life).” The episode begins, where it left off with Esther discovering Levi’s double life in Atlantic City. She tells the producers that she has known him all her life and never expected this from him. She explains that the more money he gets, the more it goes to his head. He never wants to see him again. She stated that if she is going to be treated this way by Amish men, she should be English, so she can have some fun.

In Ohio, Wayne is waiting for the church to see if Karrie can join the Amish church. Andrew and Ruck walk into the church with other Amish men as Mary follows behind them as more Amish women and Karrie enter the church. She is asked to step outside as the vote is taken. Andrew stands up and objects and states that Wayne is having carnal relations with her. Wayne tells him that they are just friends, Ruck also agrees that there is more to their relationship. Wayne knows that Merlin put these two up to this and promises to bring down the wrath of Hell upon them.

As Levi returns he demands that Alvin and Caleb meet with him. When he sees them he screams at Alvin for telling Esther where he was. When he reprimanded them both, Caleb defended himself and Levi tore into him too. He told him if he ever wanted to work for him, to never speak to him that way. As the pair took off, the producer tried to follow them, but they would not stop.

John has been looking for Esther, but cannot find her. He decides to check her old house to see if she is there. Then he went around the community looking for her, but nobody had seen her. The producers stated that repeated calls to her had gone unanswered.

In Ohio, Wayne is watching Andrew’s house, because he knows that unless Andrew is perfect, Wayne will find out, and the best way to check on an Amish man is to watch their house. As a taxi pulls up to Andrew’s house, he gets out. Wayne knows that when taxis pull up to an Amish house very late, it only means one thing.

In Lancaster, Levi sees that private investigator again parked along the road. He tells the guy he will have him arrested because he has him on camera. When he sees Castline, he pulls him over and demands that he gets this private investigator off his ass. Castline has nothing to do with the guy and tells Levi not to talk to him that way. Castline then states that Levi is becoming unraveled and will start to make mistakes.

Jolin has returned from Wisconsin. Levi called him back because of a serious situation in the community. He calls together, John, Jolin and Big Steve to tell them that a strip joint has been set up by English guys to watch Amish girls take their clothes off. They move from place to place so they are hard to pin down. However, Levi insists that they are shut down for good.

In Ohio, Wayne is now out to get Andrew and wants to prove to the bishop that he is not a true man of God. He brings an unidentified man to a bar where Andrew supposedly hands out on Saturday night drinking and flirting with women. Once they see him going inside, Wayne gives him a camera and tells him to go in and take pictures of Andrew and his dirty deeds. Once he brings these to the bishop, Preacher Andrew will lose favor with the community.

In Lancaster, Jolin is going after the strip club where English men promise Amish women lots of money. Jolin finds the place, and goes in dressed like an Englishman. The producers supplied Jolin with a hidden camera. Jolin was upset when he came out and told the producer it was bad. Now he is going to get Steve and John and shut the place down.

In Ohio, Wayne goes around putting up pictures on trees so the entire community can see Andrew’s sinful actions. Then he goes to the bishop with the pictures, and he is appalled.

In Lancaster, Steve, John and Jolin crash the strip party and come in with axes. They break up everything so they do not return, as the Amish women run out fleeing for their lives.

In Ohio, Andrew is going to see the bishop who summoned him. When he confronted him with the pictures, he was banished from Ohio and told to never show up again. Now Andrew knows what tangling up with Merlin will do.

In Lancaster, Levi summoned Jolin to his hunting cabin; he has no idea why. When Jolin arrived, Levi got a phone call and had to leave. The producer asked him why Levi left, but he had no clue. On the television news, it was announced that Esther Schmucker, a star of Amish Mafia was beaten and had a broken nose, facial bones and several teeth. She stated that she met this guy when she was out with her English friends. He seemed charming and perfect, but he had rage issues. He beat her up and then would not leave her side for four days. Once he left her alone, she went to the police. Levi came to see Esther and put his arms around her and they hugged without saying a word.

She then told him that she had a car and an apartment, a lot of English friends she met along the way, and she got in with the wrong people. Levi promised to protect her and not let anything happen to her. She related that in the hospital, she was told that one more punch, and she would have lost her eye. She showed her broken teeth and explained how her nose was broken and facial bones in her face were broken in two places. Levi asked her if her family knew about this, and she told him John was on his way over. She knows that Levi does not want to talk to her, but he told her not to worry about the past right now. When John arrived, he told her it is time they all quit the English stuff. Esther related another story where her life was threatened by a man with a knife. Then Levi told her to go upstairs so he and John could talk in private.

The news told the story of the man’s arrest who beat up Esther. They did not give his name here, but did on the news. Levi met with his men and told them about Esther, then she told them how the English life was her ruination. They then promised to keep the English from corrupting the Amish.

John was waiting in a field, as a figure walked toward him, it was Freeman. Then went to see Esther and when Freeman saw her, he spoke and asked her who did this to you? When she would not answer, he just yelled as loud as he could in anger.

Castline knows that John stopped talking to him, but believes that Levi is planning something. He will seek out his information in other ways. As Caleb is out collecting Levi’s Amish Aid, Castline stops him to talk to him and asks if he has anything to share with him. Caleb told him if he gets lonely, he will call him. Castline states that he is going to apply pressure, and hopes they get sloppy and he catches them.

As Levi’s crew plans to go to war against those who corrupt the Amish, they ready themselves with weapons, as the season finale is next week, fans will see just what they have planned.

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