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'Amish Mafia' exploiting domestic violence for ratings? Star shows battered face

Amish Mafia glorifying domestic abuse for ratings?
Amish Mafia glorifying domestic abuse for ratings?
Amish Mafia/screen shot

Amish Mafia doesn't always get a lot of attention for the Discovery channel. However, one of the reality show stars allegedly got beaten by her former boyfriend in a domestic violence incident and the star is being paraded around by Amish Mafia. According to Extra TV on Monday the show even gave a sneak peek of the star with her battered and bruised face as she recounted the incident.

Is anyone else appalled by this glorification of violence for ratings? Who puts their mother, daughter or even best gal pal in front of a camera and ask them to describe in detail how they were beaten?

While some shows do couch situations about domestic violence carefully, anyone who thinks this is anything short of a ratings ploy for the upcoming episode needs to take a look at the video. The star, Esther Schmucker, is quivering as she shows off her face (which is badly beaten) discussing the incident. As with every interview on Amish Mafia the star is made to wear the Amish clothing. Playing with her hands and wiping tears, it is obvious that sitting in front of a camera is the last place Esther wants to be.

Domestic violence is nothing to joke around about and this segment, along with how the show is pitching the story line, is sickening. Putting Esther in front of the camera with her wounded face is not appropriate. She obviously was still suffering about the incident and nobody needs to see her black eye to prove that she was hurt.

Discretion for reality television is tough when it comes to pulling in viewers, but in this case it’s safe to say that Amish Mafia was thinking about the ratings. If the show had discretion, they would have waited until the physical (and even emotional) elements of the situation were healed before interviewing Esther. Everyone watching this sneak peek (and expect more on Sunday) feels like they are imposing and it is dreadfully uncomfortable.

Amish Mafia airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on Discovery.

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