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'Amish Mafia' experiences ‘Shepherd’s End’ on Discovery Channel

Is this the end of Amish Mafia?
Is this the end of Amish Mafia?
Discovery Channel

Last night’s season finale episode of "Amish Mafia," was titled “Shepherd’s End.” The episode begins in Lancaster as Levi and his crew are waging war against the English people who are corrupting the Amish people. As they raid a motel, they find lots of evidence and warn the owner not to rent rooms to Amish any longer. When he tells them that is how he makes his money, Levi sends in Jolin to give him a message.

In Lancaster, Caleb is tired of the man who has been videotaping and stalking Levi and his henchmen. As they confront him, he will not give them any information about who he works for.

In Ohio, Andrew is spotted stealing Wayne’s peacocks. As Wayne drives to his home, he tells the producer that he has to collect Amish Aid, but first has to feed his peacocks and chickens. When he arrives, he sees that his peacocks are missing and has no idea where his prized birds could be.

In Lancaster, John and Freeman go into a bar which is the first place the Amish kids go when they are breaking English. As John confronts the owner, he tells him that he knows that he lets Amish kids in there who are not supposed to be drinking. He tells John he is there to make money as Freeman stands outside the room listening. When he refuses to heed John’s warning, he tells him that if he keeps selling to them, the place will not be there any longer. Then he sends Freeman in who closes the door behind him. When he came back out, Freeman had blood on his face, but nobody else walked out of the door.

Alan Beiler is finally getting out of jail and although many people forgot about him while he was in there, he is about to let everyone know he is out and this time they will not forget him.

Levi is about to visit a man who rents cars to the Amish. Amish are allowed to drive cars as long as they aren’t with the church, but the people they rent to are with the church. Esther relates that English who give help to the Amish, who want to live like the English are called shepherds. They spot a shepherd showing an Amish couple how to drive the car they are renting. Then they see them change into English clothes. They could not do this without help from a shepherd. Now after the couple drive away, they intend to straighten the guy out. As Levi, Jolin and Alvin tell the guy he has to stop renting cars to the Amish who belong to the church, he tells them that he will rent to anyone who has money. They then tell him that he better stop it or they will deal with him. He tells them not to threaten him on his own property, so they leave, for now.

Esther let the mafia know who the main guy in Lancaster who makes fake ID’s for the transitioning Amish. By carrying a photo ID, it is against Amish teaching, as it is a false idol. Caleb went to the man to get an ID, it will cost him one hundred dollars. As Caleb looked at the samples, he knew many of the guys in the pictures and the man made IDs for different states. While this was happening, the rest of the gang was in the front of the shop. Then Caleb told the man he had a friend who needed one too, the man told him for two the price is $160. Then Caleb quickly closed the door, when Jolin went in with a gun in the back of his pants. When the man stated he was just trying to make a buck, they started destroying his equipment. When they left the shop, the producer ran after them and told Caleb to wait up. Then Caleb went after him with a baseball bat and asked if he ever shut up? Then he told him that he was as English as the rest of them.

As Levi was pulling into a driveway, he said that he had to cut off the supply of English temptation. Alvin then drove the car away as a man went chasing after him. Alvin then set the car on fire and drove off with Levi.

Officer Castline relates that John has refused to help him any longer about Levi’s activities and related that the information he provided was bull crap anyway. He then knocks on a man’s door, it is Alan, and he explains that they both have a common interest in bringing Levi down. Alan does not take too kindly to the police, but he does have a point. Castline tells him that he can do it the right way, or do it the wrong way and get locked up again. With or without his help, he plans to lock up Levi. He leaves as Alan contemplates his offer.

In Ohio, Wayne is on his way to take care of business. He pulls up a driveway and honks his horn loudly. Out walk Ruck and Andrew, who try to stop him from entering the garage, but Wayne comes in with a large pipe and comes out carrying his peacocks. When the producer tells him to wait, there are only two peacocks in there, he already knows. As he asks him what happened to Andrew and Ruck, he is told to shut up or the same thing will happen to him.

Castline is on his way to speak with Levi, who is not aware that charges have not been brought up against him. Castline convinces him to get out of his car and have “just a conversation” with him. As Castline takes him for a drive, he tells Levi that he is doing things in broad daylight that he could get in trouble for. Levi tells him if the media would stay out of it, it would be better, but the officer tells him he is on national television. Levi tells him that the camera guys continue to go to places where he does not want them to go and they are just a crooked as anyone else.

Later, as Levi comes out of the police station with criminal defense attorney, Steven Breit, they will not answer any questions the producer has for them.

Levi states that he has had trouble before, but the private investigator and the constable are following him everywhere. With all that is going on, he has tough decisions to make. He arrives at Esther’s house and must speak to her about things, in case something happens to him. She is shocked that he is even thinking about giving up Amish Aid, and knows things must be out of control. He said that Alvin is not aggressive enough, Jolin is Mennonite and Caleb is too hot-headed to be in charge. The problem is, John is the logical candidate, Levi does not trust him, but he is a Schmucker, and the community will be happy with that. When the producer asked Esther if this was her dream; she said not like this. Levi asked her if she still remembered where her father used to take her to her favorite spot? When she replied in the affirmative, he told her if anything happens, to take what is there.

As John gets out of Steven Breit’s car, the wording on the screen reads; John was cooperating with local law enforcement in the hopes of avoiding jail time for his current case. On February 21, 2014, John was scheduled to appear before the Pennsylvania District Court. As the cameras followed them into the courthouse, Breit told them he had too much going on with John and to respect their privacy. When they returned from the courthouse, Breit told the cameras that John was found guilty. When asked the charge, he told them it was John’s tenth time while driving under suspension and the court had no mercy. He had the sentence cut in half and John must serve ninety days in jail, but he will be filing an appeal.

In Ohio, Wayne tells that the bishop gave him an ultimatum; Amish Aid or Karrie? He wants the respect of the community and Amish Aid is very important to him, but Karrie is also important, as they have been together for a long time. Wayne is pissed that Merlin did this to him and is forcing him to make a choice. Wayne meets with Karrie and asks her to marry him, and now he does not care who the church will put in charge of Amish Aid and he doesn’t care.

As Levi is meeting with a farmer who is struggling financially, to help him with Amish Aid, Breit pulls up in his car. He must speak with Levi and asks the cameras to stop rolling. He tells him he has been picked up and questioned by the police, and that John is going to jail. He tells Levi that he has a bulls eye on his back and he tells him to quit the show, and as his attorney he believes it is appropriate. Then Levi gets into his car and leaves the camera crew and producer behind. As they call after him, he tells them they are done.

On February 25th, Levi told the crew to meet him at a barn in Strasburg, to film him distributing Amish Aid to a farmer in need. As the camera crew drove there, they spotted Levi’s car but could not see if he was in the car because of sun glare. When they approached the car, he was not inside, so they went into the barn. Levi was in the loft and looked down at them. He told them to come up there with no cameras, so all monitors and record indicators were turned off, but they continued to record video. In the loft stood Levi, Esther, Caleb, Jolin and John. Levi made sure all devices were turned off, but a cell phone continued to record. He stated that because of them, everyone was after him. The producer told him there was fourteen days of shooting left, but Levi stood his ground and told them no cameras. Esther told them how much trouble they were in because of the cameras being on them, even when they requested that they be turned off (like now).

The producer asked what would they show the, if it’s not this? Levi stated that he wanted to show how they take care of people in the Amish way, but they tried to show that it was worse than what it was and they have the cops following all of them around. When Levi told them he just wanted to build his business up again, the producer told he that they could help, but they want no more filming. They stated that the show was over and if they wanted to leave in one piece, to leave now. The producer told them there was no need to get violent, but they told them the worst thing they did was let English people in their lives. As they were ready to smash their phones and cameras, the crew left.

The production spent the rest of the day attempting to re-establish ties with Levi. When they found Steven Breit, he served a cease and desist order to the Discovery Channel to discontinue shooting "Amish Mafia." As of February 26, 2014, production on the show has been halted.

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