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‘Amish Mafia’ engagement in trouble? Levi’s trip puts Esther Schmucker home

The fans of “Amish Mafia” are surprised to learn that the engagement looking to be possible might just be a passing love. There is trouble for the couple looking for love and it’s partially in part of Levi’s deception. This “Amish Mafia” spoiler reveals details about the upcoming Discovery episode and fans who don’t want to know the details might want to look away. According to EnStarz, fans will be surprised to learn Esther Schmucker and Lebanon “Levi” Stoltzfus didn’t go to Atlantic City together for a weekend trip.

Pretending to be on a mission, Levi left town and told Esther he was doing church work. The lie seemed believable, but it was put to the test when Levi’s pals accidently revealed he was in New Jersey. The simple slip up has Esther Schmucker upset as Levi wanted to get engaged.

What will become of the two and their love? While Levi is away, it appears that Esther has a few ideas of her own on how to use this information to help her family and squeeze Levi into a corner to make him pay. Knowing that Esther has more brains than Levi, it’s not hard to see how a shakedown is happening soon in Pennsylvania

“Amish Mafia” airs Tuesday night on the Discovery Channel.

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